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Make Up Factory Smoky Liner review

Make Up Factory has been quiet for quite some time but that does not stop your resident AMW to keep on priving on various brands to let you know the good and the bad!

I recently got myself Make Up Factory's Smoky Liner because I am looking for a waterproof eyeliner that works for our country!  I mean, I haven't used pencil liners for so long because most of them always smudge and smear on me! 

So how does this fair?

Make Up Factory Smoky Liner
Php925.00 on sale at Zalora now for Php660.00

a photo of Make Up Factory Smoky Liner review

Because this product is Paraben free and fragrance free, I picked this up and gave this a test.  One swatch said it all (I'll show you swatch after the jump) but what excites me more is the presence of the brush which is meant to brush the "line" you created to look more natural.

a photo of Make Up Factory Smoky Liner review

Waterproof, long-adhering liner with a brush for blending.
The Smoky Liner is a new eyeliner with an integrated brush at the end. With a brush made from high-quality synthetic fibres, the blending can be done to look professional. Because of its pleasantly soft and delicate wax-based creamy texture, it can be evenly applied, creating intense colors. Perfectly suited to achieve soft and smoky effects, ideal for the Smoky Eyes Look. The liner dries quickly and once dry, it will be smudge and water proof. As a result, the liner provides long-wearing eye make up. Free of perfumes and paraben.

Check out this swatch!  Just a single swipe, you get rich color!
I got the shade 14 which is SMOKY GREEN

a photo of Make Up Factory Smoky Liner review

The green does not look super green but very close to the shade name, dark green with a hint of smoke meaning almost black if you don't look closely!  I love how I can easily apply on my eyelid without the need to tug or pull the skin around my eyes.  I only need to wiggle the pencil as shown on photo below.

a photo of Make Up Factory Smoky Liner review

After wiggling the pencil, I only need to flip the pencil on the other side and gently blend everything with the brush that comes with the pencil.  The brush hair maybe a bit longer as expected but the reason for this is because you can apply the liner all over the eyelid and blend everything using this same brush to create smoky eye makeup look.

a photo of Make Up Factory Smoky Liner review

Before and After

a photo of Make Up Factory Smoky Liner review

As you can see, the effect is very natural and nothing a q-tip and a makeup remover can remove all those excess pigment on the side.  It is normal for pencils to blend out a bit but once the product dries up, everything stays and so far, no smudging for the whole day not unless I rub my eyes really hard!

I prefer not to use pencils on waterline nowadays because I sweat excessively and even for someone with normal or non-oily skin, I find almost all pencils would melt due to heat and humidity.  In that case I'd rather skip the lower liner and just apply a layer of dark shadow underneath and set with translucent powder to complete the look.

Overall, this pencil is worth trying because it passed my eye pencil requirements ---

  • Pigmentation is super good.
  • No tugging during application.
  • Stays without smudging or smearing.
  • Expected to have a bit of smudge at the end of the day but NOTHING extreme!
I am okay and happy using this product and the Smoky Green color is just uniquely amazing!

Do you still use pencil liners nowadays?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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