Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cathy Doll Ready 2 White with Elisse Joson

Cathy Doll Ready 2 White line has always been their bestselling product since the arrival in the Philippines 3 years ago.  I've heard so many great reviews about their White Boosting Cream and I love their Lightening Foam Cleanser myself!

"Why are Filipinos so addicted to whitening products?" - one of the press guest asked.

I personally think not everyone wanted to "whiten" or change our skin color, and I don't judge those who want to change their skin color.  I am very much into products that help "even out" my complexion at the same time give that bright, glow-from-within.

And that's what I get from Cathy Doll Ready 2 White line.

It was an easy task for me to host this event because I am a believer of the brand and the product line.  It felt surreal though to be chosen to host this milestone because Cathy Doll Philippines finally have a face for their Ready 2 White line - none other that our TV's top celebrity Ms. Elisse Joson!

The launch was really energetic!  Not because I was the host (lol) but because it was filled with energy!  It started off with a K-Pop dance number from Ueno!  Then a fashion show came next with models featuring Ready 2 White products with their smooth, glowing skin!  And there was a bonus!  Elisse Joson came out on stage looking so beautiful and sang a song for her fans and audience.

I also had the chance to sit close to Elisse and appreciate her beauty and skin!  

The floor was opened for Q&A and one of the question thrown at her was her Morning and Night Routine.

Elisse Joson love all the products from Ready 2 White line but if asked to choose just 1, she can't decide so she picked 2 instead.  Her favorite is the White Boosting Cream and Milky Tone Up Eye Serum.

A little trivia, Cathy Doll Philippines arrived in the Philippines 3 years ago and the White Boosting Cream is the First Boosting Cream in the Philippines!  And according to Elisse, the reason why she loved this White Boosting Cream from Cathy Doll is how she can immediately see the whitening and brightening results!  There's no peeling or down time so she can still use this even with teleserye taping and other shoot!

The whole Ready 2 White Line from the brand is available at Watsons, The SM Store, 7-11, Robinsons Department Store, Metro Supermarket, Rose Pharmacy, LCC, KCC, Landmark, Purehold, Ever, Shoppe, BeautyMNL and Zalora.

Thank you so much Lifestrong Marketing Inc. for having me.  Congratulations Team Cathy Doll Philippines and Elisse Joson!

What's your favorite product from Cathy Doll Ready 2 White line?

P.S. watch this video made by yours truly! :D

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  1. same here. i love your outfit. it suits you well. do you mind me asking asking where did you bought it? thank you


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