Sunday, October 6, 2019

Another Moment of Serenitea

I've shared my first moment with Serenitea when they launched their newest Cake-inspired beverages and I never looked back.

I love their drinks so much I find myself driving myself after lunch to Banawe branch for a nice quiet place to work as I sip my favorite drink.

I also take my brother who came from China to have the newest Sweet Potato Line!

My mom enjoyed the Taho series even Mr. AMW so I always take home 1 for him!  And that's not only it!  Serenitea never fails to surprise me with their ESPRESSO LINE!  I took advantage of trying their Coffee series and I was hooked!

And the surprises never end!

You can get yourself the LIMITED EDITION Sesame Street Umbrella like how I did!  I went for Cookie Monster - self explanatory! :D

When they came up with limited edition Sesame Street Metal Straws, I had to take my WHOLE BARANGAY (family) and treat them with drinks to avail such promo.  Little did I know there is a trick for you if you have a small family.

Purchase Php1,100 worth of GCs that do not have expiry date or Php700.00 worth of GC's and add Php199.00 to avail the umbrella!  Easy as that!

A lot of you noted that you like Elmo - yes, they do have Elmo, also Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch!

For more information visit on Facebook.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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