Monday, November 18, 2019

Kyle Unboxed Ramps Toys Goodies!

Someone had a blast unboxing so many toys in ONE sitting!

Though an only child and a child I've waited so long for, Kyle isn't the spoiled type!  Ask my neighbor, they probably hear my stern voice every single day!

Though a strict mom, I make it a point to appreciate him whenever he did something good!  Just like how he was extremely good and very studious over the past weeks!  So the toys I received from Ramps Toys for Kyle which I got several days earlier was finally unboxed!


I appreciate that the toys they offer are mostly innovative and very imaginative especially for kids who are into play learning just like Kyle!  Kyle specially appreciates the Dinosaur Eggs which taught him to learn to be patient as the Dinosaur Egg will crack approximately 2-3 days after!  Yes kids, Patience is a virtue..and patience will yield cute Dinosaurs!

What's your favorite toy unboxed by Kyle?

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Stay happy!

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