Thursday, January 16, 2020

Different Mists and their Functions

What are mists?
I am referring to facial mists!  The products you see housed in a spray bottle or atomizer!  A product where I mostly set aside because these are "extras".  Little did I know after 10 plus years of Blogging, I would cling on this extra step as an integral part of my skincare regimen!

So there are a whole lot of Face Mists brands out their with fancy names - Face Mists, Toning Water, Atomizer, Makeup Setting Spray, Oil-control spray and a whole lot more!  So do they all work the same or should you read into details before you push them aside?

I highly recommend you to go for the latter!

I have a couple of face mists that I have tried through the years (I apologize for missing out some as I'm sure I did!)  But these are just some of the ones I use and yes, I alternately use them on different occasions for different purposes and you'll find at least 1 face mist in my bag, my table and inside the car!  (Not putting atomizers inside the car though for safety!)

Shall we begin?

If I plan to keep my skin hydrated all throughout the day, I use Avene Thermal Spring Water (Php750.00 for 150ml available at Watsons), this bottle mainly contains water and just like our body, whenever I feel like my skin is hydrated, I would immediately pull this bottle out and give my skin a breathe of fresh water!

This bottle is great for hiking as well!  Tested to refresh my senses!

Now if water ONLY doesn't make the cut because you have dry skin or your skin tends to try midday with makeup on --- go for Face Mists.

Face Mists like Esfolio Nutri-Snail Daily Soothing Mist (Php399.00 available at select stores and online stores), these types of products does not only contain water but also ingredients that keep our skin hydrated all throughout the day.  I call this moisturizer in a bottle because with makeup on, it is impossible to apply my favorite moisturizer on top of makeup so I use this instead!  With several spritz and patting motion, my skin does not feel as dry or my makeup does not look cracked like before.

I also like to use Face Mist in between makeup routine REGULARLY.  Meaning, I inject this extra step between Face Cleansing + Toning, Toning + moisturizer --- yes, I do a couple of spritz in between to keep my skin hydrated making sure the "environment" won't evaporate the newly applied moisturizer, instead, it evaporates Face Mists instead!

One local brand that I tried and loved is called In Her Element Rosewater Moisture Mist (Php685.00 available HERE).  I have tried a lot of Face Mists out there but In Her Element gave the best result when it comes to keeping my skin hydrated without the tacky feel.  Best of all, it smells great so using this in between my skincare steps won't be an issue!

Then there are the ones I call "Treatment Mists", I am not sure if there are such terms but I just somewhat invented it out of my head.   These Face Mists contains ingredients that does not only hydrate our skin but treat our skin from major issues such as "dryness" (go for Hydrating Mists) or "oiliness".  One example of a mist that can help control oil is the YADAH Anti-T Mist (Php550.00 available at Glamourbox).  

I would think I wouldn't touch this the rest of my life but I was wrong!  I tend to pick this up when I start to see pimples popping out from hormones!  During the time of the month, I can literally see my skin go crazy with random oily spots where pimples tend to sprout and use as a breathing ground.  

With 2-3 spritz around my skin, it does not only refreshes my skin but I find that it helps control crazy oily glands on certain areas like my nose and chin!

And lastly, there are mists that we are mostly interested in and accustomed of!  The Makeup Setting Sprays.  I do not consider these part of skincare but more of a makeup product.  These products have ingredients that help HOLD our makeup in place --- all day long!

Some may not like the idea, I didn't like the idea when it first came out as it dried out my already dry and parched skin like crazy making my makeup look extremely unnatural.

Thanks to Science and brands that are coming up with better products, I have found Makeup Setting Sprays that double up as a "primer" and moisturizer in one!

2 brands I highly recommend are Clio Micro Fine Perfect Fix Mist (Php700.00 available at Club Clio stores) - this product has the best spray nozzle, you won't feel huge chunck of water on your face EVER and your makeup stays long.

Lastly is my favorite Make Up For Ever  Mist & Fix (Php1,600 available at Make Up For Ever stores nattionwide) which I highly use even on clients because it really works.  And no matter how many times I spritz, it does not change the way foundation/concealer/powders look.  It just applies so seamlessly and works.

Did I say work so many times?  Well all the products I mentioned worked so well I think they all deserve special mention.

What other Facial Mist brands you can recommend?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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