Thursday, January 2, 2020

YADAH Oh My Sunscreen Review

Sitting here in front of my work table, I am thinking really hard on what to write (beauty related) as my first entry for year 2020.  Yesterday's post was personal and today is me back with a product review - the thing I love to do most!  

As I wrote on my new 2020 organizer reshuffling my thoughts on my future plans, I realized, a soon to be 41 year old self has nothing more to ask for but to be healthy - and that includes having healthy skin!  

I know you've read it in so many blogs, heard it a lot on radio and TV commercials, I'm sure you'll give me a huge sigh right now when I tell you I'm writing about Sunscreen - again!

So this 40 year old woman is telling you right now to stop rolling your eyes and at least give this tita a chance to tell you why wearing sunscreen is super important --- Just Joking - I won't!  You know why is it important but what I'm telling you right now is to give this brand a try!

YADAH Oh My Sunscreen
Size 50ml
Available at: Glamourbox

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Product description taken from this site:
Get your hands on Yadah's Oh My Sunscreen, a Kbeauty favorite sun block!This UVA/UVB sun protector has a creamy texture and is lightweight on the skin--perfect for daily use. The Oh My Sunscreen contains Prickly Pear Extract, which soothes and moisturizes the skin, made suitable for normal to dry skin types.
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I like my sunscreen lightweight, have this gel-like texture and gets absorbed into skin in no time because I am always in a rush!  Best of all, I want it to have this fresh, non-chemical scent and lastly, it has to work!

This brand when it was first launched didn't ring any bell on me, I was thinking - not another teenager brand that is housed in a cute packaging - this won't last!

Yes, I'm proud to raise my arms in defeat because I am very much wrong!  I admit it and I am sorry Yadah for judging you too early!

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Housed in a squeeze type tube, this isn't the cheap to begin with, there are far more inexpensive sunscreens out there but if like me, you have sensitive skin, you would appreciate the fact that this product is free from Parabens, Triethanolamine, Benzophenone, Sulfate Surfactant, Mineral Oil, Tar Colorant, Propylene Glycol and Talc.

Like most sunscreens, it is a white lotion that has the right consistency.  Not too runny or too firm, it is easy to blend and it doesn't take much time for the product to get absorbed into skin without the greasy feel!

a photo of YADAH Oh My Sunscreen Review

 It does give me a tiny scare at first use, it has a white cast on first few applications but fret not, it disappears nicely and I can immediately go ahead and do my makeup!
a photo of YADAH Oh My Sunscreen Review

To those who are raising their eyebrows on me, yes Skincare products and sunscreens are hard to review, it takes widen those eyes of yours because you can see in the photos that my nails are still on "Halloween feel" while we are off to New Years!  I took photos of the products before I started using it late October.  I finally finished this tube because I have been testing other products in between but yes, it was around 1.5 months that I was able to finish this product.  Not bad considering I use a lot for the face.

a photo of YADAH Oh My Sunscreen Review

Does this product really work?
So far, getting exposed under the sun a lot - during workout, while driving, sending my son to and from school and a whole lot of errands in between, I don't see any redness on my face and no uneven skin tone!  So far, so good!
And I really love how comfortable this product felt on my skin, it has a nice cool sensation during application and it never has the yucky, oily feel.  Once it gets absorbed into my skin, it felt like I applied moisturizer with added sun protection.  I guess SPF 35 made it easier for the product not to have too much white cast but if you are just a regular Jane and Joe who stays under the sun briefly, go for this as your daily sunscreen.

If you are a Beach Bum...go for higher SPF as this won't work!

Now, am I cool for writing this on a New Year or what?

Holler if you like this post and more reviews!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I heard that at the very least you need around that SPF when indoors, higher if outside under the sun. Is that true? :)

    1. indoors 20-30 is fine, as for outside the sun, minimum mga 50 (that's just me!) paranoid ako eh :D


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