Wednesday, February 12, 2020

#AskAMW Skincare, Underarm and Life in General

Hi AMW friends!

I have loads of queries on DM every single day and I am serious when I tell you I answer each one of them as quickly as I can!

Now, with social media rising up to better platform, Hello IG Videos, IG Stories and IG TV!  I realized I can help other people by posting my answers on a video! 

I finally made it!

"What is the best anti-aging skincare for face and body?"

"Which supplements do you take?"
"How to even out underarms?"

"Paano kung hindi tumutulong sa gawain bahay ang asawa mo?" (What if your partner does not help you with household chores?)

Watch my answer and feel free to comment for more queries as I am doing more videos like this soon!  I am bringing back the roots of AskMeWhats as a blog --- an advice website!  

I hope you like this!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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