Saturday, February 1, 2020

Kyle Had Dengue!

I was M.I.A. for so many days because Kyle got really sick on Chinese New Year's eve!  

As I picked him up from school, after watching Dragon Dance performance, his palms were extremely warm so I thought it was for the fact that he was scared of the huge dragons that made his body extra warm.

But I was a bothered because Kyle was off that whole week, teachers are telling me he wasn't in good condition and seems to be whining a lot in class.  

Comes Friday night, his temperature rose to 38.5 degrees Celsius and we are extremely bothered!  We couldn't and gave him medication every 4 hours during sleep!  Comes Saturday, we actually have 40 degrees Celsius mark and we immediately wiped his whole body with damp towel and wanted to rush him to the hospital but he was sleeping soundly.  

Then Kyle woke up feeling absolutely fine, he was so hyper he even requested to go out and because my brother was heading back to work (out of country), we had a simple dinner to celebrate my Brother's Despedida, my mom and dad's wedding anniversary and Chinese New Year!

The fun was cut short when I took Kyle's temp and it rose to 40 degrees once again!  We knew it wasn't normal fever, so we rushed him straight to the hospital to have some blood works done!  At the back of our head, we knew it could be Dengue.

We went home and I constantly hydrate Kyle with Hydrite and put ice on his head.  The result finally came and his platelet is actually below normal - 144L as opposed to the 150L normal platelet count. The funny thing was, his Dengue tests restult says other wise and we learned that these tests aren't confirmed since there are 4 types of Dengue strain and the tests only tested 2 out of 4. 

We contacted our doctor right away and we were advised to give him Collostrum Tablets and Probiotics to protect his tummy and increase his immune system.  

We went to the nearby church and bought Tawa Tawa leaves right away, I know on the medical side, doctors to do not believe the power of Tawa Tawa leaves but we we boiled immediately and let him drink a whole Liter of it!  I thank God Kyle can still eat and drink and play normally, that is the reason why our Doctor advised us that it is okay to stay at home because of the Corona Virus scare.

Next day, we visited the Doctor and had Kyle checked.  The doctor was amazed on how energetic Kyle was so she advised us to continue medication and make sure Kyle won't get dehydrated.  I fed Kyle constantly with food and loads of water in the system.  

Kyle was super fine by it but with daily blood tests, he SNAPPED on me on the 4th day, he was screaming and crying and saying "I hate You" so many times we were all in tears.  It was really hard for us to see him in pain!  Truthfully, the "I hate you" came in as a shock but I knew he didn't mean it.

The Mr. and I decided that if the blood work result came out really bad, we will confine him to a nearby hospital right away.  

The result came out unexpected, his platelet did go down but not as much, from 108L it turned 101L which is only 7L lost for more than 12 hours.  His WBC count shot up to almost normal level so the Doctor told us to continue taking whatever we are taking and hydrate him more as Kyle will get through this without the need for confinement.

It was a relief for us as we know.

The next blood work came even better, his Platelet shoot up to 167L which is above the base line!  And everything else seems normal. 

The doctor advised us to give Kyle enough rest and no need for blood works.  As for us, we scheduled another round just to be sure 2 days after which is TODAY.  

Who would've thought Dengue, the sickness I talk and write about often here on my Blog, I would experience it at home?  

Honestly speaking, I let my guards down, there are days I missed putting on Mosquito repellent for Kyle just because I felt it wasn't "In season" or because he is wearing long sleeves uniform and pants anyways.

The guilt is real, I still have guilt feelings all over whenever I look back.  But there's no point in crying over spilled milk and all I can do is learn from this experience.

I am lucky we get to be a few steps ahead.

I am still staying at home looking after Kyle and decided to write this quickly because I want to share to everyone especially with kids going to school --- moms and daddies, don't let your guards down.  The Dengue scare and other viruses are lurking around.  Let's do everything we can to boost our Kids' immune system and protect them as much as we can.  I know we cannot control some things but if we can lessen the chances of them to get sick, the better.

I'll see you guys soon on my Social Media!

I missed you all!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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