Monday, March 23, 2020

Unboxing and First Try: Cathy Doll Beauty To Go

End of February, I received the newest products from Cathy Doll called Beauty To Go, which consists of mini versions of important makeup items - eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, lip and cheek color!  These are honestly enough to look at least made-up if you are on-the-go!  

I've tested this for weeks now, with the Lockdown Period in Metro Manila, I even got more chance to play around with makeup and I'm ready to share my thoughts on these new makeup items! 

(Disclaimar: Products are sent for review, opinions are 100% mine!  This is NOT a sponsored post)

That's ME wearing ONLY Cathy Doll Beauty To GO Makeup Products (except face powder!)

Housed in a cute "mini" version of the usual sized makeup, the line can complete a whole look and you can even do various looks with it!  Watch out my video for an added tip if you are an eyeliner pencil girl!

Cathy Doll Beauty To Go Economy Eye Brow Pencil
Soft Touch, Easy to Draw, Smudge-Free
Shades: 01 Dark Brown, 02 Ash Brown

I am a shade 02 Ash Brown and it is a perfect cool tone grayish brown shade!  This fills in the gaps of my brows perfectly and best of all?  The pigmentation is just right, the pencil isn't too waxy making it smudge-proof and lasts for the whole day!  

I also like the fact that they have Dark Brown which is the perfect shade for most Filipinas (IMHO).  This is a brown shade with a slight red tint which won't look unnatural if applied even with heavy hands.  It is best to apply with light hand though and create feather-like strokes just like the swatch I did.

Is this product long-wearing? ABSOLUTELY! 

Cathy Doll Beauty To Go Jet Lag Easy Eyeliner
Easy to Draw, Waterproof, Smudge-Proof

This comes in 1 shade only, I usually go for Dark Brown but for some reason, this product has a glossy finish making this appears natural and not too strong as opposed to matte liquid liners! 

Is this waterproof?  Well, I did try to wet my eyes and it does smudge A TINY Bit since I literally splashed my eyes with water but if this product is long-wearing?  It does last until makeup removal, if you have extremely oily skin, the "winged" portion of the eyeliner may disappear a bit - yes, disappear.  Thankfully it does not create racoon eyes.

That's me with Eyebrow Pencil and Eyeliner!  Not bad right?

Cathy Doll Beauty To Go Mini Lip & Cheek Creamy Matte
Semi-Matte Finish, Without Dryness, Tight Pigment
Shades: Shibuya, Riviera, Shanghai and Cannes

Even if they don't advertise this as a lip and cheek product, I tend to use my creamy lipsticks as blush especially when I need retouch and I usually do not bring with me a blush powder (due to the added bulk).  And since this product is "creamy matte" as advertised, it is indeed okay to apply this on cheeks but in my opinion, since I have really dry skin, I tend to "pull" the skin around my cheeks during application so it is best to hydrate your cheeks with either a Face Mist or serum before you apply this as a cheek product.

As for the lips, the product is AMAZING!  I have very dry lips and I can get away wearing this alone without lip balm!  It slides off easily and pigmentation is really good!  I also love the shade choices that works for all skin tones!

 Next photos, I wore them on both Lips and Cheeks!

AMW wears Shibuya
I call this a cool-tone medium pink shade that gives off a refreshing look!

AMW wears Riviera
Riviera is a medium pinkish orange shade which warms up a sallow skin!  This is also a refreshing color giving off a youthful vibe.

AMW wears Shanghai
Shanghai is surprisingly a GORGEOUS ruby red shade!  I love how it gives off a classy vibe even if I don't have much makeup on!  I can totally rock this look with heavy eye makeup or even worn alone!

AMW wears Cannes
Cannes is a Coral shade that really warms up my skin.  You can immediately see my skin on how it suddenly looks warmer than the rest of the photos shown above!  This is a Girl Next Door shade working with ANY outfit!

For more detailed info and my first try series on the Beauty To Go products from the brand, watch my Youtube Video below!
This was supposed to be uploaded on IG TV, that explains the Vertical video.

Which Cathy Doll Beauty To Go items caught your attention?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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