Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How to Fix Your Own Brows During Lockdown

I haven't looked at myself in the mirror for too long!
So when I finally had my ring light on, busy doing my usual makeup or skincare videos, I had a mirror right in front of me and I was shocked to see A LOT of stray hairs!  

When was the last time I fixed my brows?  


I mean with the Quarantine period and COVID19 scare, who would have the time to fix their brows?  Not me..that's why I left it bushy for a month plus!  But as much as I'd like to stay up to my feet for this whole lockdown period, I know I'll be anxious and go crazy if I don't do anything else!  

So here you go, finally, I've decided to fix my own brows and since I honestly know how to do it - I'm just too lazy because I always have Benefit Brow Bar to do it for me, I made it!  I was able to film this quick tutorial and I hope you'll learn a thing or 2 from me!

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A girl can invest only a TWEEZER or Eyebrow Shaver - whichever your heart desires.  

I personally thing plucking is difficult especially for first-timers, I have HIGH TOLERANCE to pain but I swear, I still tear up until this very moment because my brow hairs are thick and they are just F**^^@*&# painful whenever I PULL a SINGLE hair strand!  But, I love how I can control the amount of hair I would like to remove with a tweezer --- and this tweezer of mine - if you are a LONG LONG LONG TIME READER - you'll know it has been with me for more than a decade and until today, it is still the best Tweezer I bought for only Php120+ pesos!  

Now back to eyebrow shavers, I use shavers even for my clients, it is the easiest, most painless method but the downside is, for someone with full brows like myself - you'll end up shaving your brows every after 3-4 days which I don't have enough time of!  

a photo of How to Fix Your Own Brows During Lockdown

But still, because I want this tutorial to be super in depth, I've decided to use ALL methods I could think of (except threading and waxing!) 

Are you ready?

a photo of How to Fix Your Own Brows During Lockdown

Oh!  For the "mother-plucker" (no, I'm not cursing you but pun intended LOL), please watch the video to lessen the pain because I have a technique for you!

a photo of How to Fix Your Own Brows During Lockdown

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you are brave enough to shape and fix your own brows, I mean, we have to give it a try and learn something right?

Make sure to keep it at minimal at all cost, pluck at minimal, trim at minimal and always fix your brows with a GOOD MOOD!

Here you go!

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Love you AMW Friends!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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