Sunday, May 24, 2020

House of Lasagna Review

You know how Quarantine makes EVERYONE hungry?  And when you scroll through social media, you see a lot of people posting about food - whether they cooked it, baked it or bought it.

I remembered craving LASAGNA so badly I wanted to make one but I was out of ingredients --- literally no cheese inside the fridge and it was one of the most frustrating feelings ever!

Thankfully, with restaurants finally jumping back to the routine and opening up deliveries for people like ME who haven't gone out to see the sunlight since March 14, I knew that is one way for me to satisfy my cravings --- and support businesses at the same time!  I mean all sorts of businesses were hit so hard due to COVID-19!  

One Lasagna that I seriously craved for is the one from House of Lasagna - just typing the restaurant name brought me back to so much memories!  They have been around for so long and you know if you take a bite on their lasagna, it is WORTH EVERY SINGLE CALORIE!

As much as I love to order online, I find it a bit tedious for me to purchase and book a delivery service on my own - don't get me wrong, it isn't a hard task but for someone who's always on-the-go (yes, even at home), I find it super hard to book delivery services in my area!  So this excites me to share that House of Lasagna delivers with NO minimum purchase, FREE delivery just because they use in-house delivery service!  They cover areas from Quezon City (select areas), San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati, Taguig, Manila, Marikina.  If your location is not included, they will certainly accept courier pick ups and they are open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

House of Lasagna Review

Today was a great day, I usually spend my time in the kitchen chopping ingredients as early as 5:00pm and prepare to cook around 6:00pm.  Because I got my House of Lasagna Beef Lasagna and Salted Egg Chicken Wings at tow, I was able to sit back and relax and finish Season 5 of She-Ra on Netflix with Kyle!  It was such a chill evening!

Beef Lasagna
Php1,650 for Whole Tray
One of the most delicious beef lasagna I had as of date.  It comes with a perfect amount of beef, Bechamel Sauce, Cheese and a whole lot of greatness!  Here's a serious reason why this is not any regular Lasagna - my mom-in-law who dislikes Lasagna, baked mac or anything that has heavy cheese feel on it actually called me to say --- she loves this!  She even asks for a second serving which is super unusual (I would call it a miracle!)  

Worth the calories, worth the price - hindi siya nakakaumay promise!

a photo of  House of Lasagna Review Beef Lasagna

Salted Egg Chicken Wings
6pcs (approx Php390.00)
I love Salted Egg on chips but seldom on food as most of them uses Salted Egg powder which isn't my preference.  Thankfully, House of Lasagna came up with a super delicious chicken wings with fresh salted egg that drench the chicken in a way that it gives a perfect combination of crunch and flavor! I just love using my hands eating this because it is just so delicious that way!

a photo of House of Lasagna Review Salted Egg Chicken

I personally would order again and even use their service to send to my loved ones on special occasions!  This is the type of food that warms the heart because you know it's made with love and with top-notch ingredients!  

I can't wait to dine at House of Lasagna once everything is back to normal.  As for now, I am super thankful and grateful the company found a way to satisfy their customers' cravings!  

To order, call or message them here:
Hotline: (02) 7 748-2003
Viber: (0956) 942 5176

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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