Sunday, June 7, 2020

Loyal Kitchen Manila Salted Egg Crabs Review

Hi AMW Friends!

When do you see crabs, huge crabs on my blog?

Well, truthfully, I don't find crabs as appealing as compared to shrimps!  I find it tedious to crack the shell and eat a measly amount of crabmeat - I am sure a lot of you are nodding right this very moment.

But one particular "Crab" changed my mind!  It was from Loyal Kitchen MNL, which is a start-up business and they have been selling online for now because of the owner's love for good quality food!  

I have been to Dampa so many times and ordered crabs for my parent-in-law in every visit - they never come in THIS SIZE, well, they probably do and would cost us an arm and leg (pun intended!).

Would you believe everything you see IN the container plus the ones on the plate costs only Php1,400.00 (A whole 1kg of it!)  

I NEVER LIE, well, I do (I'm still a human you know :P)  but NEVER in this blog!  

a photo of Loyal Kitchen Manila Salted Egg Crabs Review

And that's not all, what made this special and made me think it is worth to crack these shells and take a lovely bite on the hidden meat is because of the FLAVOR!  It is SALTED EGG and I am not talking about a measly salted egg flavor, you get a WHOLE LOT OF Salted Egg sauce on it, I even have enough to re-use for fried rice the next day!  

Known as a "Liquid Gold Sauce" from from the brand, it is indeed very tasty minus the greasy and oily after-taste.  You wouldn't mind licking your fingers on every bite because the flavor is just right, I can really sense that they use fresh salted eggs in creating this dish too!

And I'm not done yet!  The crabs, the crabs are super fresh, my parents can tell because they are professional crab-eaters!  The crabs are not only fresh, you get a full flavor of sweet, juicy crab meat  on every single bite!  Basta, I can't explain myself more because it is worth the price!

If you wanted a reason to splurge on a good meal?  
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Feel free to DM for orders to this number 09175643589

This is NOT a SPONSORED POST!  I just appreciate good, quality food!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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