Tuesday, June 9, 2020

All About Hair Fall / Hair Loss #AskAMW

Early this year, I hosted an informative video regarding hair fall. I had fun interviewing fellow mommy Ms. Stephanie Lontoc, and she was very vocal about her experience and stress regarding this matter (thank's Stef!).

Speaking about stress, we are suffering a lot of stress due to COVID-19 and I wanted to put out this video because some of you may be suffering from hair fall/hair loss and is feeling at a loss regarding this matter.

I am glad I was able to interview a professional - Dra. Rica Mallari, Head of Hair Unit, Dermatology Center of St. Luke's Medical Center and a Fellow in Philippine Dermatological Society to enlighten everyone on how to deal with Hair Loss and Hair fall. (Part 2 video on the interview with Doc Mallari to be uploaded soon!) Please watch this video and see how Stef found a solution in a product that is FDA approved and made with natural active ingredients.

HairReve Review

Product details: HairReve Hair Rescue Thickening Serum Price: Php1,400.00 Size: 100ml (Each bottle lasts 1-2 months) Made in the Philippines
Hairreve nourishes hair follicles and moisturizes scalp resulting in: ✔️ Reduced Hair Loss ✔️ Thicker and stonger hair ✔️ Reduced dandruff ✔️ Improved Hair texture
Hairreve Is FDA approved, and made with natural active Ingredients! ** No foul smell ** None-oily ** For men and women ** Results seen in 6-8 weeks of daily use
Available in selected Mercury Drug Stores Nationwide! Also available online Visit www.hairreve.com.ph for more information! Facebook: www.facebook.com/HairReve Instagram: www.instagram.com/hairreverescue

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