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UFO by FOREO Review (With Before and After Photo)

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How are you today?  If you follow my skincare journey closely, you know that I am quite particular with the products I use (and review)!  I may have jumped from one skincare brand to another, I study eveyr single product I use by checking their ingredients and reading product information.

Last month, I shared on Instagram my FOREO First Try and shared on IG Stories several times whenever I use it at night.  I promised everyone I'll share my in-depth review after using this for a couple of weeks.


According to UFO by FOREO: (Key features lifted HERE)
  • A complete mask treatment that uses Hyper-Infusion Technology combines (1) heating, (2) cooling & (3) T-Sonic pulsations.
    (1) Thermo-Therapy Mode preps skin and enhances skin’s absorption of UFO Power Activated Masks’ ingredients.  (2) Cryo-Therapy refreshes, and instantly lifts and firms skin, shrinking the appearance of pores and puffiness (3) T-Sonic Pulsations stimulate blood microcirculation and better absorption of products, facilitating skin renewal 
  • This product also used LED light Therapy: 3 different LED lights - red, green, and blue - provide targeted photofacials to rejuvenate skin
Glow addict and Youth Junkie by FOREO UFO review

I may be diligent in reading product details and ingredients but I am lazy in reading instructions.  For this particular review, I went ahead and dived straight to usage just to see how easy or complicated it is to use such product.  

Everything was a breeze as long as you download the FOREO Sweden app.

FOREO UFO Review with before and after photo of skin

UFO works with UFO Activated Masks which are Made in Korea.  Each FOREO masks are dermatologists tested, formulated without Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Silicones, Disodium EDTA and Mineral Oil which made it easy for me to jumpstart on this journey with peace of mind.

I picked 2 variants - Glow Addict and Youth Junkie.  

You all know why, I need some collagen for anti-aging and I want MORE glowing skin!  Each box contains 6 sheets and let me walk you through on how this works.

FOREO UFO Review with before and after photo of skin

Turn on the app and switch on the UFO.  The UFO's on/off button is located on the top portion, you'll know by facing the FOREO logo in front of you.  The only reminder is that, you have to press hard for around 5 seconds before the gadget starts!  This took a bit of time for me to get used to as you have to press really hard. (Totally understandable as this is for protection.  You don't want to accidentally switch the product off during treatment!)

Pick a mask that you want for the next step and activate the usage by scanning the barcode. (Yes, I was quite surprised with this step and let's talk further down below how you can use your own mask sheets!)

a photo of FOREO UFO Review with before and after photo of skin

Put the mask sheet making sure to place the  "tail" of the sheet on the gap and press the transparent ring to secure the mask.  Please do not rush this step as the mask may be misplaced during treatment. (Obviously, this happened to me so I'm telling you the right way! )

a photo of FOREO UFO Review with before and after photo of skin

Follow instructions by pressing "START" on the app.  This is a 90-second treatment that will force you FOCUS on it.  I was planning to "Instagram Story" my treatment but decided not to as I want to focus on the application techniques and trust me, with the heating, cooling and T-Sonic pulsations, you'd rather relax and enjoy the Spa-like treatment.

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After the 90-second treatment, you may opt to repeat the treatment (which I usually do and add the excess product from the packaging straight to the sheet) and restart the process including my neck.

How to clean UFO after use? It is easy to wash UFO with mild soap and water (Tip: I use toothbrush to gentle brush the edges just to make sure!)  and let it dry on top of the towel or leave it on the "rack" that comes with the product!

I have used UFO a couple of times and before it went lowbat, I charged it just to make sure after a week's usage!  I think the product has long battery-life plus each treatment does not take long.

FOREO UFO Review with before and after photo of skin

I do appreciate the extra stand that comes with the product so I can easily place this on top of my dresser table to remind me to use this on a daily basis.

Honestly?  I do not need the reminder, I was looking forward to use this every single night!

a photo of FOREO UFO Review with before and after photo of skin

Now, I am very particular with skincare review so I used only UFO by FOREO for 12 days (I finished 2 boxes which equates to that number of days) every single night.  I don't have a plan on which one to use but I just pick between Glow Addict and Youth Junkie depending on my mood.

This is my non-edited before and after photo.  Truthfully, you don't see a lot of difference on photo but I felt a couple of differences.
before and after photo of FOREO UFO Review with before and after photo of skin

Firstly, I enjoyed the 90-second treatmentse especially these days that I don't have househelp.  I have been doing household chores while looking after my son and working at the same time so most of the time, I'd rather doze off than wear a mask and wait for 15-20 minutes.  (Tip: On days I have extra time and energy, I will still go back to regular masking)

The treatment itself is extremely relaxing, I had a hard time sleeping since Lockdown happened but using the UFO by FOREO relaxes me and I find myself sleeping better at night (I'm not sure if there's any Science behind this but it happened to me so many times...dozing off after using UFO.)

I believe the Light Therapy does wonders to my skin!  Every single "time of the month", I have zits popping on upper lip area and chin but since I started using UFO, I did not have any zits popping anywhere on my face while using the product.  

Now, let's talk about my SKIN after 12 days, I am looking at myself in the mirror right this very moment and I can see GLOW!  I haven't been using any other skincare products in the whole duration of review and I never felt tightness or dry skin in any parts of my face - NONE AT ALL!  I also find my skin looking more plump and fresh even if I sleep at wee hours of the night (Please don't follow me!)  

As for the lines and wrinkles, I can't seem to see much difference but having plump skin is good enough for me to say, UFO works for me!  

How to use this gadget after finishing up all the masks?  I honestly plan to purchase other variants but I have next skincare products to test so I'm giving it a rest for now #BeautyBloggerLife .  What I did was to keep a packet of EACH variant for the barcode.  You don't have to keep all 6 (Youth Junkie) because they all have the same barcode number.  So one of each variant is enough and you can cut your current sheets and use UFO app like you normally do.  That way, you won't be wasting your money on existing mask sheets.

Before I end this post, I just want to say, this is one of my best skincare discovery for the year 2020 (At least there's something good happening this year!)

You may purchase UFO by FOREO here.

For more information about FOREO Sweden, LIKE them on Facebook and Follow them on Instagram.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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