Monday, July 13, 2020

Mirth & Yift Kristina

Last month, I posted this on Instagram because this is one of the best purchase I've done during the Lockdown season.  

I own 2 pairs of Mirth & Yift earrings and they are both dainty and gorgeous pieces.  These are the types of earrings you can wear dressing up or down.  So having a third or fourth or fifth pair won't be an issue for me as I love to collect such pieces.

Mirth & Yift supports World Vision Philippines during the COVID-19 by donating a portion of their sale from their core Mother of Pearl collection.  I had my eyes set on a couple but they were sold out in an instant!  I mean, these pieces were handmade so you are definitely owning one-of-a-kind pair.

a photo of Mirth & Yift Kristina Earrings

As I checked back, I'm glad Kristina was available for me to purchase immediately!
Mirth & Yift Kristina Earrings

Kristina is a white with silver tone brass anthers with white pearl!  This is so pretty I always put them box in the box after every use!

a photo of Mirth & Yift Kristina Earrings

Whether I have my hair up or down, Kristina is a statement on its' own.
a photo of Mirth & Yift Kristina Earrings

To shop and support World Vision Philippines, visit

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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