Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Style Series: Zoom Meeting OOTD and Makeup

This week, my body is going crazy!  There are days I get too sleepy and there are days I just can't sleep (talk about 3:30am sleep time!)  Do you have the same experience?

Thankful that there are some "normal" things happening in an unusual way!  EVENTS!  How long ago was the last event I attended?  4?  5 Months ago?

So when I got an invite to attend a ZOOM EVENT c/o Freshlook and Air Optix together with Teviant Makeup, I knew I had to clear up my crazy schedule.

It was worth it!  For this particular 1.5 hours event, I wore my Freshlook contact lens in Pure Hazel.  Yup, obviously..that's my favorite shade!

Because I knew Teviant's creator, celebrity Make Up Artist Albert Kurniawan would be around to talk and share tips on eye makeup, I kept my eyes bare and applied light base makeup (aka Concealer and face powder).
Style Series: Zoom Meeting OOTD and Makeup

Because I wanted to wear this outfit the whole day and not waste "laundry" time (yup, this momma has no house help!) so I've decided to wear something I can actually move around and be a "mom" after the said E-vent!

The top is zippered all the way back and the shorts is super comfortable by the way!  Obviously, I like wearing slippers!  This is the soft version very comfortable on feet (by Oxy Original).

Style Series: Zoom Meeting OOTD and Makeup

Keeping my hair straight and simple and pulled my bangs with a pair of lips because my bangs are getting in my way!

Style Series: Zoom Meeting OOTD and Makeup

Don't get me wrong, on most days, I just wear my loose T-shirt and old shorts!  These are just some of the random days I need to dress up!

What's your meeting OOTD?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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