Sunday, August 9, 2020

BlackScoop At Home Delivery


I love milk tea shops and coffee shops.  My only complaint?
There's nothing to eat, if there is, the choices are usually limited.

The first time I dined at Black Scoop near my mom's place, I bonded with my siblings over Buffalo Wings, Nachos and Milk tea.  We even ended up sharing a piece of cake in between stories and laughter.

Obviously, I haven't gotten the chance to do all these again when COVID-19 happened.  So it was a wonderful relief to know that my favorite restaurants are doing their best to rise up again by offering food and drinks delivery service.

And there's more!

Black Scoop entered "New Normal" with a bang!  Pints-To-Go collection (Php195.00 per pint) that screams: "Screw you COVID-19, we are going to make our customers smile!"

Black Scoop won this battle as I felt a sense of happiness on every spoon of Pints-To-Go.

Here are 3 flavors they offer:

- Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl : tastes exactly like your favorite milk tea drink with loads of Pearls on top!  
Black Mascarpone with Graham : crushed graham crackers on top instead of the bottom?  I love the yummy crunch on every spoon!  This has a super creamy and smooth texture I would choose this after a heavy meal!
- Halo Halo Surprise : my personal favorite!  Imagine eating your favorite Halo-Halo and you felt like the ice cream isn't enough!  This is halo-halo with ice cream overload!  Really delicious!

While at it, you may as well order my favorite Black Scoop snacks.  

Buffalo Wings
Spiciness level: Medium

Carbonara and Bolognese Pasta

Frappe, Coffee Based or Milk Tea drinks

Have you tried Black Scoop?
I've tried them out so many times in different branches and the experience has always been good!

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Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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