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BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review


8 shade names inspired by COFFEE.
8 flattering shades perfect for Filipinas.
You get 1 tube of lipsticks refillable to 8 shades!  

PERFECT right?

All I am left to talk about is....are these lipsticks good enough in terms of quality?  Read on...

BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch 
Refillable Full Set with UV Case
Available: Here

BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review UV Case

BLK Cosmetics says ---
Switch and swatch. Enjoy all four new universal colors of our signature matte lippie with blk's unique twist-and-switch tube that lets you swap your shade or refill in a snap. Even better: Our multitasking rouge is enriched with Vitamin E and camellia oil for a comfortable matte finish that lasts all day and night.
BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review UV Case

Firstly, let's talk about the shades, named after flavors of coffee, I like it that they stay true playing around with different hues and shades of browns.  From cool tone to warm tone, from pinkish brown to reddish brown  and even orangey brown to burgundy brown, this collection has the widest range of brown lipsticks any girl could ask for.

Judging by the look on swatch, you can see the difference on each shade but bear in mind that each person have different lip pigmentation so the same shade could appear different on 2 individuals.  And since I have highly pigmented lips, the lighter shades (first 4-5) looks almost similar to each other.

BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review UV Case

Now here's a more detailed look on each shade on me.  Again, bear in mind that my lips are dark to begin with.  I have very dry lips and I haven't worn any lip balm or even prepped my lips before applying all 8 shades!

In between shoot, I used a regular baby wipes in removing the lipstick.


One of the most flattering shade.  I've been picking this so many time whenever I go online for IG stories or take photos.  This brightens up my complexion.


I am quite surprised how different it appears on me as compared to swatch and tube.  But I like the lovely surprise because the shade is unique.  It has a nice glossy effect on me (I don't know why) and my lips look healthy.


Mocha is a deep medium brown shade that works for fair to dark complexion.  This is close to Cappuccino with less red tint.


Caramel is my MLBB shade.  The closest shade to my original lip color.

BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review UV Case

Toffee is a beautiful medium to medium dark brown.  If you have light colored lips pigmentation, this will appear darker.
BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review UV Case


Macchiato is another fave shade of mine as it appears different on tube as compared to my lips.  This gives off a brighter looking vibe and my skin looks glowing when I wear this shade.

BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review UV Case

The last 2 are the darkest in the collection but they appear quite natural on me.  If you want to know how my original lip color looks like, feel free to browse through my old before and after photos of lipsticks.

Applied with just a layer, you get a lighther vibe of color, if you want it to be darker, go for 2nd layer.

BLK Cosmetics Universal Lip Switch Review UV Case

Espresso is a brown-orange lip color.  If you like to warm up your look or if you have pale skin and wanted to look healthier, go for this shade! 

As for quality, I love this collection from BLK Cosmetics THE MOST!
I own their previous lipsticks collection and this one is the most hydrating.  I have tried wearing a mask wearing the BLK Universal Lip Switch and they don't transfer if you set your lipstick by patting with a clean tissue before wearing a mask.  There is a possibility of transfer if you applied the lip product unevenly.  So please take not to apply the product well.

Thankfully, these lippies are extremely comfortable to wear, they never sit on my dry lip lines instead, I feel my lips are super comfortable all throughout wear-time.  

I don't have to say anything about the shades because I LOVE THEM ALL and have a hard time picking the shade I want.

I appreciate the brand for creating environmentally-friendly packaging and adding a UV Case which is a nice addition.

Is the set worth it?

Should you get this full set?  YES!
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