Sunday, August 16, 2020

Weekend Food Delivery: Fullness of Joy Comfort Food


My dearest Beauty Blogger friend for more than a decade whom I fondly call Shobe Sophie messaged me one day telling me she will be sending dishes from her online food business with her family called Fullness of Joy Comfort Food over the weekend, I was ecstatic!  

So many reasons to felt grateful, I usually get too lazy and tired to cook over weekend as I have been cooking every single day + I have been reading positive reviews about their dishes!  

That exciting day came and I was busy taking photos of their Signature Trio while stopping myself from taking a bite (I was not successful as I was taking huge bites after every shot!)  

The Signature Trio includes 3 of their bestselling dishes (available in family size Php1,795.00 and Party size Php3,250 each dish!) and I was sent frozen goodies as well!

Mommy's Special Misua

Out of every single noodle dishes available out there, I am not really a fan of Misua for so many reasons --- most of the time, they are served tasteless, have no appealing look as most of the time they look "blah", aside from looking Blah, I only taste noodles!  

Fullness of Joy Mommy's Special Misua is a crowd favorite because it has all the flavorful taste of what a homecooked dish should be!  It reminds me so much of my own mom's cooking - not shrimping on ingredients and you get all the flavors in one bite!  Basta, I cannot explain the feeling while eating but I have goosebumps on first bite!

Boneless Taosi Spareribs

With loads of online food deliveries out there, I have tried from many restaurants and seldom can I find a good Taosi Spareribs that does not come from an AUTHENTIC Chinese restaurant.  I mean some tried, but most of the time, the taste that I am looking for NEVER comes close to the original taste that I have been looking for.  Fullness of Joy Boneless Taosi Spareribs nailed it!  And they nailed it real good because they can re-create the exact taste of what you eat in Chinese restaurants minus the bones!  

To thosewho cook, you'll know bones are important when it comes to cooking to add more flavor or "umami" to the dish, they don't need no bones because their secret recipe is a winner!

Special Egg Tofu

Ah, I will play favoritism when it comes to food, I have soft spot for any Tofu Dishes so mind you, I have tried ALL tofu dishes available in every single Chinese restaurant located in Banawe and Ongpin #lol  And this one really made me go "Oooohh and Ahhh" while taking photos!  I can't help but take 2 full bites even before lunch!  And if like me, you love your mushrooms, you HAVE to order this, better if you order more as 1 serving won't be enough!

Since you are trying out their hot dishes, please do order their frozen goodies because they are definitely authentic restaurant quality!  I immediately messaged them to check if they have supplier for their frozen Kikiam and Siomai because they tasted so delicious!  I was told these were carefully made with love by the Uy Siblings + mommy!  

Go ahead, indulge and enjoy yummy and comfort food!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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