Sunday, September 13, 2020

Jamie's Artisan Blooms Edible Cheesecake Snowglobes


How beautiful are blooms that can be eaten?
I remember how my mom would say: "Don't waste money on flowers, they will be thrown to the trash, better spend on food!"

Why not give her both?
A beautiful bloom that can be eaten?

I was recently introduced to Jamie's Artisan Blooms who was born because of lockdown!  Would you believe the business started a little bit after Mother's Day?  Yes, I get all those background information because the "baker" herself is my schoolmate.  

Jamie's Artisan Blooms Edible Cheesecake Snowglobes

It started because of her love for Art (she has always been talented, working closely with brands for collabs) and here she was.  Even she herself was surprised on getting into food business!

Jamie's Artisan Blooms Edible Cheesecake Snowglobes

But for a newbie like her, I would say she is a perfect example of giving chances to EVERYONE.  Who would've thought someone who really isn't professional in the kitchen would come up with products looking more than professional?  I mean just look at these!  These are made with care and extreme talent but at the end of the day - food is food.  I have to taste these and let you know my thoughts....

Jamie's Artisan Blooms Edible Cheesecake Snowglobes

These are ALL Edible Jello (even the flower you see is actually made of jello!  And you have  think layer of cream cheese at the bottom.  How thin is thin?  Thin to cover 1/4 of the cup but the tangy taste goes all over your mouth like a huge party!  

I tried these upon receiving them and I find them to be just "ok", I find that cream cheese portion to be too much to eat more than half.

BUT, after putting these on fridge, it tells a totally different story!  

Jamie's Artisan Blooms Edible Cheesecake Snowglobes

The perfect jello texture (think about you as a kid wanted to taste more than those small cup size jello).  You have a huge amount of cold jello with a nice layer of now milky, sweet-tasting cream cheese!  The taste blends in so perfectly I was able to finish a cup in one sitting!  YES  that good!

As of writing, I actually ordered again for a good friend to cheer her up!  Because nothing a dessert can't brighten up a day and BLOOMS can put at least a 5-seconds smile on that sad face!

Do you agree?

To order, DM Jamie's Artisan Blooms on Facebook or contact them at 0956-529-1410/0956-388-8037.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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