Thursday, October 22, 2020

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Shopping + Installation Review


I don't know about you but ever since Quarantine happened last March of 2020, me and my husband was stuck at home with our 7-year old kid and we felt like there was nothing to do but to sulk about the crazy Pandemic.

Comes May, almost 2 hours of lockdown, we've decided to do some home improvements such as changing the location of our furniture down to buying wallpaper for wall accents.

That's when I realized there are limited designs of wallpapers.  I can honestly say, I memorized almost all the designs and color options they sell in the market not because I have a good memory, but for the fact that the designs are redundant.  

That said, when I was reached out via email by Photowall team, I browsed their website and immediately got drawn to their VAST wallpaper collection.  When I say VAST, I mean a HUGE collection of unique wall designs giving everyone the opportunity to express their interior design "hidden" talents.  I mean everyone has their own eye for beauty for sure!

Before I start talking about my experience installing our wallpaper.  Let's talk about Photowall as a brand.  This company is headquartered in Skarpnäck near Stockholm, Sweden.

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Kit

Yes, SWEDEN!  How in the world was I able to order rolls of wallpapers shipped straight from Sweden to the Philippines considering the pandemic?

They ship via DHL (Standard is 7-10 working days and Express for 2-6 working days).  Keep in mind their delivery cost HERE.

As for payment, they accept all major credit cards (Master and Visa) and even Paypal.

Now on to the the website, their website is easy to navigate.  Since they have hundreds of designs, I was able to trim down the choices by clicking the desired item I want to purchase.  I went ahead and click Wallpaper and go for Designer Wallpaper.  

Photowall review

After that, I would pick either themes or in my case, I went to the shorter route and searched "GREY WALLPAPER" because that was my color motif.

As much as I wanted our accent wall to fit my cheerful personality, I opted for a design that would stand the test of time.  Something that would be okay even for years to come and a design I wouldn't get tired of! 

I ended up liking these 2 and I don't want to make any choices anymore and went for these 2 for Kitchen and Bedroom accent walls!

But before I tell more about the final result, how hard it is or easy to install your own wallpaper?

I WAS SCARED!  What if I mess up?  What if we can't install it evenly?

Before purchasing, I watched their quick installation video and it was less stressful to see how easy-to-understand their instructional videos are. 

Upon receiving our orders, I am so happy I included the Wallpaper KIT making everything so much easier to do.  Each wallpaper order comes with free wallpaper paste.

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Kit

Photowall print the wallpaper of choice based from my specific measurements so you have to make sure to check out the unit of measurement before checking out.  They number the strips in order so all you need to do is to cut them and organize them before you start.  

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review

All we need to do after cleaning the walls, making sure they are dry.  I apply wallpaper paste vertically using the Photowall Brush that comes with the kit and hang the strips from top edge to bottom edge cutting out excess wallpaper.

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review

We find ourselves enjoying this process so much me and my husband actually had our own technique for quicker installation.  We installed our Dining room wallpaper in no time.

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review


Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review


Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review

The design is called BLOCK MOON and I like how it creates a nice accent on my food shots!

For our bedroom accent wall, I chose Marble Tiles - White which fits perfectly to our room color theme.

The best part about Photowall is that they don't smell, they are safe to install even with my 7-year old kid around!

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review



Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review

To be honest, this was one of the greatest achievement me and my husband felt during quarantine  Even if negative things are happening across the globe, we've decided to use our time wisely and did some home improvements!  We also learned new things and we aren't afraid to change the look of our rooms/home with the help of Photowall.

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Review

If like me, you would like to do some instant makeover for your space, feel free to purchase at Photowall.  Though these are sent to me for review, all opinions written here are SOLELY mine.  I am NOT paid to write this post.


The nice folks from Photowall are giving 25% off to YOU who want to purchase items from Photowall site.  You may go for Wall Murals, Canvas Prints if you don't want major change like we did!

For the discount code, kindly input askmewhats25 upon checkout valid until November 2020!


Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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