Tuesday, November 10, 2020

East vs. West Makeup Looks


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I have been meaning to do this video ever since I started doing short IG TVs.  The laziness to edit and busy schedule got me so I only had a couple of months after to finally made this half face versus look into reality and I am so happy I did it because I've always wanted to know which particular look would suit best my face shape and features.

What do you think?  Can you spot which side is the Eastern side and which side is West?

East vs. West Makeup Looks

As written on my IG post, I am not discriminating a particular look, I just based my makeup styles from books I read, videos I've watched and several photos I have seen online.  The western look has always been my style even when I was doing makeup professionally.  This is the type of makeup that would look great on photos, videos and a bit darker in person but with the right technique, you would still look like yourself in a more polished way.

Eastern side, I am basing on our Korean, Japanese and Thai counterparts.  I've followed a couple of makeup artists from those countries and noticed a common denominator and put it on my other face!  The effect?  Very natural, glowing and dewy skin!

East vs. West Makeup Looks

A closer look on Western side.
Defined and arch brows.  Creating bigger eyes with cut-crease method, winged liner, bronzer, contouring and highlighting and defined lips!  

East vs. West Makeup Looks

Eastern Side

A "woke up like this" look.  A healthier skin version with loads of glow and natural looking eye makup and lip color.  The major difference I can immediately spot is the way the brows were drawn!  The Eastern side have sweeter vibe with straight brows.  To enhance or fake bigger-looking eyes, a thin liner applied close to the lashline (almost tightlining is what I've noticed)  and lashes with longer strands at the center for a wide-eyed look is also noticeable in most of our Eastern counterparts.  

If the West love some lip plumping or well defined lips, the East wanted to create smaller lips which looks sexier in their dictionary thus gradient lips technique was born!  

Overall, I love both looks and I do both techniques.  There's no right or wrong, prettier or nicer because makeup is really univeresal!  Anyone who is anyone can do or create any makeup looks with different makeup style!  As long as they are happy with the effect...JUST DO IT!

On Instagram, a lot voted on Eastern makeup side as their favorite (surprisingly more than 60%)  How about here on the blog?  What is your vote?

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  1. I loved your looks. You look so pretty and thanks for differentiating details on east and west styles. Keep Posting!

    1. Thanks , my pleasure, I am happy you appreciate it


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