Sunday, November 1, 2020

Post Partum Pregnancy Food: Ahma Shirley's Specialties


Hi AMW friends who are mommies!  Have you done "Gelai" (The Chinese Method of Post partum healing"?

To those of you who are confused, this is the method where it involves not bathing for a month after giving birth, not doing any strenuous activities, eating food rich in iron, etc... exchanging water with this special tea as water and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Why would we even do that?  After 9 full months of carrying a "heavy load", why would you torture yourself?  That was the exact words I had in mind but I was surprised I followed almost every single rule existed in the "Ge Lai" rule book (if there's any) because number 1: I don't want o disrespect my mom-in-law and number 2, I do want to look as good as my mom and mom-in-law after giving birth!

All these are done to bring back to "warmth" of the body as they say as they were all pushed out and gone together with child bearing!  Whether you believe it or not, at the back of my head I always say: "If it doesn't hurt me, I'll join them!"

For the person involved, the no bathing for a month is probably the worst but truth be told, the hard part are for the parents or helper who takes care of you!  They do all the stuff for you and prepare nutritious food.  These Gelai dishes to be honest aren't easy to prepare!  

So today, I am here to lift some of the burden for your household if YOU or anyone in your family is doing Gelai.  

I discovered Ahma Shirley's Specialties via Instagram when they messaged me to give their bestselling dishes a try!  With a short chat with the owner, I learned that the recipe was handed down from the handle owner's Mom-in-law to her husband who does the cooking on all these delicious dishes.

These dishes arrived at my doorstep via delivery service and it was handled very well and packed well!  

Cha Yochi
This version from Ahma Shirley is more tender than what I'm used to and have lighter color.  They don't have the super ginger taste as what I normally have and want (personal opinion) but if you like lightly ginger flavored with loads of spring onions and a whole lot of sauce on the side?  This will suit you! 

I am shocked as for the huge serving because these doesn't come cheap!  The extra diagonal slices is an added bonus because it gives a nicer texture upon every single bite.

Fried Pigeon
A classic taste of good old Chinese restaurant's Fried Pigeon.  It brought me back to childhood right away when I would attend to many of my dad's organization activities as he gets busy and my siblings and I would just devour on every single pieces of the fried pigeon.  What I like about Ahma Shirley's version is that I don't need to put in any spices or special sauce, it is flavorful the way it is!

For a food delivery service provider, I am happy that the crunch was retained and I can still eat the crispy skin out the outside and juicy meat on the inside.

Pork Bone Soup
This came in a lovely surprise for me! I originally thought this would taste like regular Pork Bone Soup but the broth tastes like my mom's cooking!  In Cantonese we call this "Yak Thoi" soup, I don't know the exact term in English but it consists of boiling all sorts of healthy ingredients (similar to Bak Kut Teh) .

The warm bowl of soup warms my tummy and heart and I found myself gobling down the soup straight from this huge bowl.  Oo, wa-poise na but I really love this!

Overall, this is a great experience to have healthy Gelai dishes delivered straight to your doorstep without worrying the tedious preparation.

For more information:
Ahma Shirley's Specialities
A. Mabini Street. Manila
Tel. No.: 0915-3753561

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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