Monday, December 21, 2020

Gift Ideas to Inaanaks the New Normal Way

One “stress” that got into me recently aside from COVID-19 is the Holiday Season!  By this time of the year, we usually have gatherings and these are the times I get to see all my inaanaks.  


I’ve got a number of them, and I am at a lost on how to send them gifts the New Normal Way!  Thank God for PayMaya because life is easier and I’m actually almost done with my list!  


Today, I am here to share Gift Ideas to Inaanaks the #NewNormalWay!  If this lessened my stress, I hope it does to you as well!


A Christmas gathering we do yearly which we can’t do this year! 


Gifts from online shops

Since I do this on a yearly basis, I already know what my Godchild wants!  If not, I would ask their parents what tickle their fancy!  All  I need to do is shop these gifts online and have them delivered straight to my Godchild’s home address!  

There are so many options for gifts online – from books at Fullybooked’s website, cute outfits from Zalora, or even sweet treats from Candy Corner. What’s great is that you can pay for all this using your PayMaya virtual or physical card, or in Candy Corner’s case, using your PayMaya mobile number. 

I love the convenience PayMaya brings to my transactions, which I can finish from the comforts of my home!


Aguinaldo via PayMaya.

From a kid to a teenager.  I honestly do not know what my teenager inaanak wants nowadays!  In Chinese culture, we love to send “Angpaos” or red envelopes with money inside.  


For the New Normal way, I would easily send aguinaldo via the “Send Money” or “Bank Transfer” feature of PayMaya app!  This way, I can be assured my inaanak will be able to spend this virtual money to something he/she really wants!


Sending money is so easy and hassle-free, 
you only need to know your inaanak’s PayMaya mobile number
 Tip: If your inaanak is still very young to have her own app, send Virtual aguinaldo through their parents!  You can also send money from PayMaya to banks, so it’s super easy!


4. Send “Treats” via PayMaya.

Speaking about PayMaya app, I have another inaanak who is also a teenager who uses the same PayMaya app like I do!  I knew this because I saw sharing her  businessonline to help Typhoon victims!  (God Bless Her Heart!)  Because I am so proud of her, I would like to send “treats” to her available in the PayMaya app and choose between prepaid load, steam credits or even fast food vouchers!  That would give her a huge smile on her face after all the hardwork she has been doing!

You can also do this for your inaanak, even if they don’t have a PayMaya account. Just buy the treat as a gift and share it to them at their favorite messaging apps!


She loves Army Navy!  This will make her happy as she packs for online orders!



5. Deliver Food for the whole family!

A way to anyone’s heart is thru the tummy!  I usually send gifts to the whole family of my inaanak because we aren’t called “kumares and kumpares” for nothing!  We were friends with my inaanak’s parents to begin with so sending them food would be the best way to show how much I love and care for the family!


And here’s good news for fellow PayMaya users, you can get the best deals at PayMaya’s partner merchants when you pay using your PayMaya mobile number.

One of my inaanak’s family loves Pizza, I can easily Greenwich for them and pay using only my mobile number.


And here’s the best part, everytime you pay using your PayMaya mobile number or buy items at PayMaya’s in-app shop, you can earn a raffle entry at PayMaya’sPayMayaguinaldo raffle promo for a chance to win up to P1,000,000 until January 10, 2021!


Now, isn’t giving gifts to our inaanaks so fun and easy after reading this blog post?  Everything is a breeze with my PayMaya app!  So what are you waiting for?  Register now using this link 


Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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