Tuesday, January 5, 2021

How to Paint Your Own Nails


Hi AMW Friends!!

Whenever I post my nail art tutorials, a lot of you are mentioning how difficult it is to paint your own nails!  How in the world can you even do nail art right?

This is one issue I did not bother answering because I felt most of us would rather relax at a nail salon and have someone do our nails!  But since the lockdown, for safety, for money savings and sanity!  I’ve decided to share this simple and easy-to-follow tutorial because there will be a point (while staying home) we want to look good right?  Even if we don’t go out as much, I find myself looking at a well-painted nails with a happy heart!  

A photo of How to Paint your own nails

One of my favorite pick-me-upper nail color is this deep burgundy red from Girlstuff called Bewitched.  

A photo of how to paint your own nails

But let’s not go crazy, let’s start practicing using a nail polish base and hardener.  It is light colored so mistakes are welcome.  And hey, this is just nail polish - you can easily erase with a polish remover if you make mistakes!  I still make mistakes as of the moment but I just laugh it off and forgive myself!  That’s life!  

Happy watching!  I hope you learn a thing or 2 from me!  Stay safe!

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