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White Republic Teeth Whitening Kit Review


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Today I will be reviewing something super exciting.  Something I have been looking forward to try since these types of products are available in the market - All-in-one at home teeth whitening kit!

A little bit of a backstory I am a coffee drinker - literally drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day!  With that said, my teeth is not in the best condition.  I knoew I had to do someting early last year so I started booking teeth whitening services at my trusted clinic.  I had 1 session, it was really great as I can see how drastically my teeth whitened!  Unfortunately, the scheduled 2nd session did not push through because of COVID-19 lockdown.

White Republic Teeth Whitening kit came right in time!  According to the brand, this kit can help brighten and whiten my teeth safely without the sensitivity and can remove teeth stains effectively.  

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The White Republic Kit



Designed to deliver results in less than 10 days.  Whiten your teeth with the nost effective system.

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Here are simple steps how I use the kit!
  • Brush my teeth and rinse well with water.  I make sure to do this after every brush and gargle well.
  • Picking a pen, twist the bottom and apply the gel straight on teeth.  Make sure your mouth is dry and free from saliva.
  • Once all my teeth (that is visible whenever I smile) are painted with White Republic pen, I get the clean mouth try and plug it on my phone (or any USB port).

A photo of White Republic Teeth Whitening Kit Review

  • Wear mouth piece making sure mouth is comfortable and turn on the gadget.
  • Sit comfortably and keep yourself busy for the whole process (16 minutes and will automatically turn off after treatment).  This step will take a bit of time to get used to since saliva are starting to build up.  Make sure not to swallow.
  • Remove try and rinse mouth with water.  Do not drink or eat for at least 45-minutes.  So best to do this before you sleep.

A photo of White Republic Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I wasn’t doing this religiously since I got super busy in the month of December.  But, after consistenly doing this at the start of the year, I a ready to share that the shade of my teeth lighted for 2-3 steps.  (From Level 6 to 4 or 3!)
A photo of White Republic Teeth Whitening Kit Review

P.S. The effect on camera isn’t super obvious but it is in person!  I can see that my teeth are more even in shade and looks brighter as well whenever I talk or smile!

A photo of White Republic Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I am so happy with this and I still have 2 pens left! They also added Desensitizing Gel Pen to be used after just in case you have extremely sensitive teeth and it also help strengthen your teeth enamel!  Which I find to be somewhat close to what the clinics do!

As for my experience using this kit, keep in mind that I have sensitive gums and I did feel a bit of “sensation” during application of Gel, it is there but nothing painful or irritating!  I felt that the sensitivity was lessened after several use!

Do I recommend this for at-home teeth whitening?
DEFINITELY!  I actually said YES to those who DM’d me on Instagram when I posted about this treatment!  Worth the investment while we stay home!

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