Sunday, February 28, 2021

Happy 42nd to Me!

Happy Birthday To Me Indeed!
42 years of existence, can you believe that?
I am very much grateful with my clients, the brands I work with and of course, my family!  For being so ever supportive with what I do!

Here’s a transition video for you!  I honestly felt 24 still! 

What made me smile, this Spotify connected BTS Cake from my good friend Janina.  Who owns Girlstuff.

A yummy Lemon Tarte cake by my Marie France and The Facial Care Centre Family!

My dearest Cathy Doll Family and friends!

And of course my cutie family!  My daily source of inspiration!

My bestfriend (and Biogenic Alcohol Family) for sending me cake, cookies and Chilled Taho!!!!
And to my Shobe Grace sis-in-law who has been nothing but amazing to me since day one!  

Of course, cakes, food are just bonuses!  The real gift are the friendship and love I receive both on and offline!  Thank YOU for being an AMW Friend and Family for so many years!

I hope and pray to keep seeing you guys here for many more years to come! 

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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