Saturday, February 13, 2021

Quick Semi-Formal Hairstyle


Even at this day and age - okay guys, I am turning 42 years old this month end!

Nothing will stop me —- NOTHING, from doing hairstyles that I have been doing since I was in Gradeschool.  I never had the chance to grow my hair long as I was raised in a strict household with strict rules from my mom!  Hair should never reach the shoulders because it will distract you from studying! (Well, moms definitely know best!  I will probably be staying in front of the mirror doing various hairstyles instead of studying!)

Quick Semi-Formal Hairstyle

For CNY, I’ve decided to dress up and put my hair down!  My hair has always been in ponytail or in high bun the whole LOCKDOWN - that is almost a year!  So this my friends, is the longest hair length I have to date!

Quick Semi-Formal Hairstyle

Is it hard to manage? YES!  At times, it will be untangled from al the playful games I play with my son.  The ends get so dry and I need to repurchase shapoos and conditioners more often than before!  And oh, let’s not forget the contant hair treatment plus the additional hair serums, heat protectant ad Oils that I invest on.

Is it worth it?  YES OF COURSE!  For me, that is!
Quick Semi-Formal Hairstyle

Here’s a quick short tutorial video on IG Video on how I would elevate a simple hairstyle with a cute pink bow.  Yes, a 42 year old woman can wear such style!  No one can tell you otherwise!

How do you like this hairstyle?

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