Monday, February 15, 2021

64Hydro Customized Water Bottles Review


I am one hell of a coffee-drinker and lacks water.

BAD, I know!

But I have been suffering because of that - (TMI coming up!)  Irregular Bowel Movements, Dry Skin, Stomach Acid and a whole lot more!

My husband has been serving as my “drink water” alarm for years! ! Thankfully, ever since I started working out, my water intake increased - not a lot - but at least I’m going somewhere.

Thankfully, I get easily inspired and swayed by cute stuff!  I was recently contacted by the good folks of 64Hydro  to try out their customized bottles!  Truthfully it was the best and worst experience shopping on their website!  


Why worst?  Well, they have SO MANY Designs to choose from and for someone who loves EVERYTHING CUTE - trimming my choices down to 1 or 2 was hard!  It took me a WHILE to choose my desired bottles!  Obviously, the winners have special meaning (well not really!  Hahaha) but I have my reasons.

 64Hydro Customized Water Bottles Review

For an extreme coffee-drinker, It was an easy decision for me to choose something coffee-related for the Stainless Steel Mug and for a fitness enthusiast, I went for Fitness-related water bottle.

What do you think?

64Hydro Customized Water Bottles Review

64Hydro Procaffeineiting Stainless Steel Tumbler


64Hydro Customized Water Bottles Review

Been using this for my coffee drinks wherever I go!  Yes, I love to have a good cup of coffee in my son’s study area, my own work area or most of the time, in the kitchen while I prepare for meals!  Having a clear lid is super cute and the lock mechanism is perfect for an active mom like myself.  I also love the extra hole for my metal straw becaue my son sometimes used this stainless steel mug to drink his favorite strawberry milk (it stays cold for longer hours!)

Next comes my cute water bottle.  I chose this for the message and the cute Avocado cartoon.  Obviously, I love Avocado!  


64Hydro Customized Water Bottles Review

I love how this cute bottle can fit 1L water!  I honestly do not follow the water drinking time BUT I find myself drinking more water each day my husband is thanking the 64Hydro gods! LOL
64Hydro Customized Water Bottles Review

Overall, I am very grateful with my new water bottles!  I hold them like my good friend every single day.

As for shipping, the company offers flat rate shipping and was shipped via DHL straight to my doorstep (I’m located in Manila, Philippines).

Everything was packed well and there was an issue on my lid with a bit of “scracth” and the company was nice enough to resend and exchnge the lids!  I was told they would do so with every defective item so we can definitely shop with ease.

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  1. If you are expecting the lettering to look like the picture don't waste your money! They won't let you return and have it redone even though it was their poor workmanship!

    1. Hi Debbie, so gar I am happy with mine and it was the same so far (in terms of on photos and in person. Been using these since I got them


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