Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Sudio Tolv Review


Music has already been a major part of my life.  From the time I go to work every single day (an hour to an hour and a half ride) to working at an enclosed office in front of the computer, I already have my trustee MP3 Player and a speaker or earphones!  

Fast forward to more than a decade later, I still depend on music to perk me up just like a cup of coffee would.  Right now, I am listening to BTS Playlist as I type this post!  

Now that I have a kid who likes his peace, I need a good wireless earphone whenever I work out because he was either busy studying or doing his homework and I don’t like to disturb him.

Thankfully, I found a nice earbud from SUDIO that stays on my ear! (I said “stays” because most of the ones I’ve used in the past don’t!)

SUDIO Tolv Review


SUDIO Tolv Review

Sudio Tolv is freedom. Freedom from cords with True Wireless technology. Freedom to listen longer, with high performance battery life. It's the freedom to listen comfortably and easily with class-leading sound quality. Freedom is hear.

SUDIO Tolv Review

The set comes with additional 3 sets of ear tips to get the right size.  This also comes with a USB charger cable and you can pick from different colors to suit your style and personality.

SUDIO Tolv Review

At first, I find it hard to let it stay on my small ears!  #LOL. But after a couple of tries and usage, I found the right way and angle and it actually stayed while I work out!  Jumping jacks and all!

What I love about the Sudio Tolv is the instant connect!  I didn’t find it hard to connext to my mobile phone or Ipad as compared to other earbuds.  Aside from that, sound quality is extremely good and I can walk farther away from music source and so far, the music does not stop!

SUDIO Tolv Review

If fully charge, I can play music or watch movies for 7 hours and the case itself can charge the TOLV up to 4 x - that leaves to this as a nice travel buddy too!  (Once COVID is over!)

SUDIO Tolv Review

Sudio TOLV is here to stay in ny life!

I can’t wait to check out their other models if I need another one in the future.

For more information visit www.sudio.com 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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