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CKeyIn Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Review


How to get these curls?

Oh my!  I wish I can do this every single day!  Can you see my huge smile?  I was in the mood the whole time I was sporting this look because it brought me back to days I was busy going out - working, attending launches, events or hosting!

This is the type of hair I would usually sport because it looks good and yet - I am comfortable enough to still look like myself.

CKeyIn Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Review

This is the CKeyIn Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Iron which I found on Shopee.  I wanted to try this but I have done my own research first.  I watched various reviews and saw good results - I knew what the Cons will be but the hair tools enthusiast in me just wanted to give this a try!  JUST BECAUSE, I am like that!  *laughs* 

After getting this at Shopee, I received the package approximately a week or so.  I bought a couple from the same store and they were all packed really well and I am happy with the service.

CKeyIn Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Review

KEY Features:

1: Wireless charging, compact size, easy to carry.

2: 30 seconds fast heat. Automatic curling,3: The ceramic reel has stable properties when heated, long-lasting styling, and three-dimensional dynamic movement.

4: LCD display,6 kinds of temperature can be selected to meet different hair quality needs.  

5: 6 modeling time settings, you can switch the time at will.

6: Double-layer heat insulation shell, full body ceramic material, reduce high temperature injury, heat insulation and anti-scald. The ceramic reel is heated evenly

Material: ABS

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity: 5200mA

Charging time: 3.5-4 hours, about 100 minutes after fully charged

Power: 5W

Temperature: adjustable (150-200°C, 300-390°F), 10°C is One gear

Perm time: adjustable (8-18s), increasing in 2s increments.

Curling mode: 2 types (R right turn L left turn)

Temperature display: could do select  (℃, ℉)

Power cord length: 89cm


The whole set consists of : 1x Curling iron,  1 x USB CABLE, a Manual, 1 x Storage bag, 1 x Rat Tail Comb and 2 Hair clips.  I am glad the company thought of including these because in every hair styling, you need these vital tools - good rat tail comb for sectioning and clips also for sectioning.  Without these, you can still manager to do your hair but not as effective.  

Please watch my Youtube video for a full, in-depth first try and you’ll see how it works (or not!)

To those who can’t watch the video, I’ll give you a brief summary on my experience using this.  Keep in mind that I charged the tool for more than 3 hours (for full charge) to see if I can charge my whole head without the need for recharging.  (Spoiler ahead: I was left with a single section!  Hahaha I think full charge can curl up my whole head since I don’t have a lot of hair!  I consider myself to have medium thick hair, not too thin or thick!)

Also you can actually charge while using but I prefer to forgeo this for safety reasons.  Also, this tool can work as your powerbank!  I can actually charge my phone with this so this is a perect travel companion!

So on to the review:


  • Wireless!  Easy to tote along and easy to work with without the wires!
  • Can double up as powerbank.
  • Can be used even while charging.
  • You will not burn yourself!  
  • Surprisingly easy-to-use.  You can see on video how I was able to work easily with this! 
  • Does not burn and the temperature is just right.  No need for gloves.
  • The curls - beautiful!  Can you just see my after photo below?
  • The curl stayed until the next day even without extra hair products.
  • The curls look soft and natural.  You can adjust from tight curls to loose curls (by just running your fingers through your hair!) 
  • Takes a LONG time to finish your whole head since you need to do this with thin sections!
  • Once the section is a bit thick, the tool will stop midway and you need to gently pull out your head.  I’ve got a lot of knots with it so you have to be careful!
  • You  may lose battery midway during usage!  So better bring the charger with you when you travel as we don’t want half baked head! :P

CKeyIn Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Review

Overall, I would say the time spent is worth it especially if I will be attending special events like weddings, etc... (Future!  Post COVID!).  I lovee how the curls stayed and I love how perfect the waves were!  I am seriously surprised how this nifty gadget worked considering I was really hesitant about this!

CKeyIn Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Review

Just in case you would like to get one for yourself, you may click link HERE and the brand is kind enough to give 20% discount code to AMW Friends (Please note that I AM IN NO WAY Affiliated with the brand and I don’t earn a single centavo even if you purchase, I just got the code for you guys to save money!). 

Use this code CKEY0205 for 20% off upon checkout!

Hope you like my review and let me know your thoughts in this gadget!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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