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Sace Lady Look And Review


Hi Everyone!
If you follow me on Instagram (Please do!). I showed a huge unboxing of Sace Lady Cosmetics. I read positive reviews on the high quality product at a low cost and was surprised how beautifully packaged they are! After constant research, I’ve decided to give the a try knowing these have FDA Safety certification.

Here’s the company in detail as seen on their online pages:

SACE LADY insists that "everyone is the unique flower in the world, and being true to yourself is the best ever."
We support everyone to bravely pursue a life attitude by being positive, independent, and happy. Therefore, we design and provide high-quality, cost-effective beauty makeup products to help you to be more attractive and pleasant yourself,having every wonderful day. 

Since the brand wants us to BE YOURSELF, here’s me being myself in terms of testing makeup!  


Showing you HALF FACE Sace Lady Cosmetics.  Not bad for 18 (and more) products that costs less than Php2,000 !

Are you ready to check out step-by-step the makeup items I used to create this look?  

Sace Lady All Matte Blur Primer

This is a silicone-based primer that gives off a smooth and easy-to-apply texture.  Key ingredient - Dimethicone, which gives off a smooth, flawless finish.  It does fill in pores and wrinkles but it does not dry out as quickly so it is very important to apply, pat, and let it sit for a couple of minutes before you apply your foundation.

TIP:  I’d like to do my eye makeup at this stage if I am rushing, but for this particular review, I waited and it took me approximately 5 minutes for product to get fully absorbed into skin.

I am usually not allergic to Dimethicone so I have no issues letting this product stay on my skin for ours!  

Sace Lady Longwear Foundation
Shade: 04 Natural
Available in: Light, Fair, Light Natural, Natural, Medium and Medium Dark

This product was surprisingly my favorite out of the bunch!  There are a few more favorites but this shot up to my most favorite list!  Why?  

They have wide range of shade choices and even for online order, I actually got the right shade!  (Note: I am usually Beige or Natural on other brands) Natural works perfectly on my warm undertone skin.

The coverage is said to be medium in description but I find this to be buildable and easy to work with.  I actually applied a think layer for a medium coverage and applied more on areas that needed extra coverage!  Piling for 2nd or 3rd layer is not an issue due to its’ lightweight nature.  The foundation does not sit on the dry patches around my skin and did not enhance my fine lines.  Checking on the ingredients, this product has Vitamins A, C and E which explains why this stayed hydrating all throughout the day!  

The finish of the product is matte and I can actually get away without setting the makeup.  Since I have foundation an concealer on, I prefer to set it for a more unified effect.

Sace Lady HD Concealer
Shade: 03 Natural
Available in: Light Natura. Warm Ivory, Natural, Warm Natural and Honey

Another favorite for me!  When it comes to concealer, I prefer then to be housed in doe-foot applicator packaging and this fits the bill!  I picked a shade with warm undertone to conceal my dark undereye circles at the same time enhance and highlight the area which it actually did!

I am happy to report that this product is non-drying (making it a perfect ally for the undereye area).  It has medium to heavy coverage and it sets matte and will not budge for the rest of the day!  

Check out my Before and after half-face shot to see the major difference!

Sace Lady Day & Night Loose Powder
Shade: 02 
Available shades: 3

A must for users with combination or oily skin.  For me who have combination Normal/Dry skin, I can still use this as a makeup base setting powder. Applied on “brows”, Undereye area and the sides of my nose, I am ready for longer-wearing makeup.  I also like to use the powder as an eyeshadow application “aid”...I apply more on the undereye area to easily catch falling eyeshadow powders and just brush off easily!  

What I appreciate about the brand?  They have 3 shades for setting powdere and most brands just have one!

Sace Lady Waterproof Eybrow Pencil 
Shade: 02 Dark Brown
Available Shades: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black Brown and Dark Grey

Another PRO that the company offered many shade options for the brow pencil.  This pencil comes with 2 siades —- retractable pencil and spoolie on other side.

The angled pencil is waxy enough to apply smoothly on brow surface but just the right texture for the product to “set” and not smudge or slide the rest of the day.  

True enough, the product promises long-wearability.  It stayed until nighttime after workout and cooking and a lot of housework!  The pencil is highly pigmented and you would get this swatch even with light hand strokes.  I personally think I chose the wrong shade and should probably go for Black Brown in the future since my hair color is darker nowadays.  

Now on to the exciting part - colors, shadows.

Sace Lady offers a whole lot of eyeshadow palettes in BIG palettes, medium and smaller ones like quads.  I picked the medium one because I have enough shadows to last me a lifetime!  

Sace Lady 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette
Shade: 03
Also available in shade 01

I picked this particular palette because of the presence of corals and nudes.  There are a total of 5 matte shadows and 7 shimmer/glitter finishes.  

Most of the shades are pigmented except light matte shades.  They can be applied dry or wet and I prefer to always apply dry to prolong the life of my makeup.

I always like to start by using a matte shadw with a shade or 2 darker than my skin color as a “crease” Color.  This will enhance to look of my crease faking deep crease. 

The next would be a colored shadow way darker than your skin to create deep V as shown on upper right photo (facing you).

Then the fun starts with colors - picking the glitter coral shade, I applied it at the center of my eyelid for nice shimmer whenever I blink.

Lastly, clean up the brow bone area with the lightest shade on the palette.

What I noticed after using the eyeshadow palette - all the shades would work for day and nighttime makeup looks!  They are pigmented but not heavy pigmented making it easy to blend.  I do not have much fallout and I need not to clean much the undereye area after I completed this look.

I highly recommend this palette for those who want to own inexpensive shadows with wide range of colors.  This palette can be used for personal and professional use. 

Sace Lady Inky Black Eyeliner 
Shade: Black

Part of my top 3 favorite Sace Lady Cosmetics.  For the price, I am very impressed with the quality of the brush and the eyeliner itself.  

The brush tip is sharp and easy to create winged eye effect.  I like how the ink is pigmented and I get THIS pigmeted black liner in a single swipe!  I was only worried since the product is inexpensive is for me to have allergic reactions to it —- thankfully, and happy to report, there were NO allergic reactions after using this for several days!

Is this smudgeproof and long-wearing?  YES AND YES!

Sace Lady Eyelash Curler
I can’t help but get this item even if I already own all sorts of eyelash curler from low end to high end.  The semi rose gold shade is very impressive and the curler actually is curved just right to grab Asian lashes!  

I was able to grab 90% of my lashes and curl it leaving the very short ends untouched (not the faul tof the brand as my lashes are super fail!)

Yes it does the job for the price! 

Sace Lady Mascara Waterproof  Volumizing Curling Smudge-Proof Natural Long Lashes

Beats me for such a long name in mascara but this reminded me of Maybelline mascaras.  They have the same wand and same consistency for a much more affordable price.  It does volumize and lenghten my lashes to approximately 30-40%!

The formulation of the mascara is not runny or dry, it is just right for my lashes not to clump together and does not create crunchy or hard lashes.  It stays until makeup removal without smudging. 

Sace Lady Blush
B02 - Pumpkin Pie

I wish they would make the other shades available as their blushers are good.  Pumpkin Pie is a nice medium coral shade and is highly pigmented so I prefer to apply this with super light hand for a natural effect.  

The product stays for hours but if you are the type who likes to retouch your face powder, you may need to retouch your blush powder as well.

Sace Lady Matte Lipsticks
Php99.00 each

Swatch: (L-R): 02 Memory, 03 Kisses and 08 Ethereal)

For a matte lipstick finish, these are surprisingly not as dry as I thought it would be.  When applied on lips, they do not tug or drag my lips and does not sit on dry lip lines.  The shade choices are pretty and can be mixed and matched with other shades.  I like how pigmented they are and rich.

Sace Lady Long Lasting Lip Tint
Shades: 02 Watermelon and 04 Passion Fruit

Top: Watermelon
Bottom: Passion Fruit

Highly pigmented, very smooth and creamy to apply and sets like a dream!  Most liquid tints are drying or oves around the lips during application.  This is not the case for Sace Lady.  It works like a hybrid of pigmented lipstick and lip tine in one!  You get opaque color in a single swipe and it stays true on lips for the rest of the day.

The color lasts for the whole day, it does lessen with eating and drinking but I personally felt reapplication isn’t needed as it gets more natural-looking every hour in which I find super nice.

Sace Lady Highly Pigment Liquid Blush
Shade: 02 Cupcake
Available in: Puppy Love, Peachy Jelly, Pumpkin Pie and Plum Wine

This is a super nice color on cheeks and very natural looking.  I find this best to be applied with a stippling brush to blur out everything and no harsh edges.

This stays the whole day without the need for reapplicatio and it is very smooth and cooling in texture.

Overall Look

Sace Lady also offers inexpensive tools like 3-in-1 Multi-funcational Makeup Sponge (Php59.00) and 10Pcs Make Up Brush Set (Php399.00)

The sponge is soft and easy to use whether you prefer to use it damp or dry.  The color of the sponge does not bleed and the shape does not change after 3 washes!  

As for the brushes, I already washed and used all of them after this photoshoot.  I like how the brush hairs did not bleed and there were only 1-2 brush hairs that was removed during washing.  The shape stayed when dry and these are very soft and easy-to-use.

I also love the combination fo White and Gold.  These look so pretty on my makeup station and would highly recommend this for those who plan to expand their makeup and tools collection.

Overall I am impressed with Sace Lady products.  I have to be honest, I was really scared and taken aback of its’ inexpensive price range worrying about allergic reactions.  But so far, I’ve been using these makeup randomly for 2 weeks now and so far, I did not suffer any allergic reactions.  (Keep in mind though that our skin is different so my experience could be different as yours.)

Most of their products do not have strong scent, some are scented but very faint and pleasant.  

I also have to commend on their online shopping site (Where I get to choose and shop).  They have complete and detailed photos of each item and they have swatches for almost all of their products and shades!  

Sace Lady cosmetics are available at:

You may check out their socials, that’s were I did my research before commiting on trying the brand!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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