Friday, March 5, 2021

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer Hydra Booster Review

Firstly, let me share the good news at the start of this post before I start blabbing!

If you want to try Make Up For Ever’s Step 1 Primer to know which particular type would work for you, local PH residents, click THIS LINK to know the right primer for you and score a free sample!

Back to MY story.  I have a long history with Make Up For Ever as a brand.  I was probably a “resident” in their first MUFE Branch at Shangri-la Mall many years back!  I studied Make Up at the Basement Academy also located at Shang Mall so it is natural for me to stay there to look for products needed in my school!

So primers back then weren’t a thing, I knew there are a couple of famous ones but we don’t have a lot of choices - you either pick a silicone one and non-silicone ones!  

As for clients, I would pick whether to use an oil-control primer or apply moisturizer on them, which is quite tricky because different clients have different “hydrating” Needs.  Some may find the moisturizer I brought to be too heavy or too creamy to be applied pre-makeup face!  

Thankfully, one of my favorite professional brand has a WIDE range of primers which I ended up stocking up on.  In my bag you’ll see - Oil-Control, Hydrating, Brightening primers to name a few!  And they were all STEP 1 !

 What’s different with Make Up For Ever Hydra Booster Step 1 Primer with the old one?  NEWER Formulation!  I can immediately spot the difference on first usage!  It is creamier, has a tint and smells great!  It has ginseng to help refresh dry areas, smoothen out your skin and create a radiant glow!  You don’t believe me?  Watch my short video!

I’ve done the video a week ago and I have been using it daily for review.  What I noticed on first application is how my skin instantly brightened, feels and looks hydrated and PLUMP!  I seriously felt like I have bouncier, more youthful-looking skin.

I honestly LOVE the scent of the newer version!  I usually like my base makeup to be fragrance-free but I don’t mind the relaxing scent of this.  I like that it comes with a tint thus giving a nice and better tone to my complexion.

The texture is smooth, not runny and not too creamy.  The product gets absorbed into my skin easily and it does not feel heavy or sticky!  Minutes after application, I can immediately apply foundation - or in my case, since it has a nice tint and improved my complexion, I prefer to use lesser makeup and just use my favorite Make Up For Ever concealer for spot concealing, set with powder and I’m all ready to go!

Lesser makeup- better feel especially with the mask season!

This turned out to be a stable in my makeup regimen.  I consider this a skincare/makeup so this is a great in-between item since we are in an “in-between” situation as of the moment - the situation were we don’t know if we should wear make up or not but we are stuck in wanting to look and feel good still!

If you don’t want to commit to full face foundation, then try investing on a Step 1 primer that would target your skin concerns!

What do you think?
Do you like Hydra Booster on me?

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