Sunday, March 7, 2021

Easy Pho Bo Using @ShopSaigonMNL Kit


Hi AMW Friends!

I have been cooking a lot for the past year since pandemic.  I have done all sorts of dishes that I crave for because I’d rather slave in the kitchen than expose my family to the virus by dining out.

One dish that I always ended up ordering via Grab or FoodPanda is Pho.. I love Pho dishes, they are my heartwarming food that I tend to order especially on NO-Cook Sundays!  But ordering has its’ limits.  There are days I just want to conquer the dish and make it my own.


Vietnamese dishes mostly depend on various spices.  Spices that I do not have at home because I stock up mostly on Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes.  

Thankfully, my friend’s sister owns a shop on Instagram called ShopSaigonMNL and they sell all sorts of Vietnamese goodies. 

And because of this kit, I was able to make this dish that is super delicious!

The KIT Looks like this —-

Php Kit (Php500.00)

I wanted to cook this for so many days back but I lack a couple of ingredients!  Since I already bought beef bones, I might as well start creating this dish minus the Beansprouts!  I mean, hey, it is the thought that counts! :P

Guess what?  The dish was a huge success!  My in-laws loved this so much they thought I bought this from a legit Vietnamese restaurant.  I know I did some changes in the way I cooked since I used Pressure Cooker, but at the end of the day, you know your family’s taste so just go with what your family wants!  

I will definitely order this set again because my husband and in laws are already talking about “Ordering” another bowl!!!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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