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Ellana Multi Purpose Color Cream Review


Last year, I received these Ellana Multi Purpose Color Creams and I did a first impression video (which you can see at the last part of this blogpost) but I set it aside for a while as the pandemic kind of put a halt on all my normal activities especially on makeup application.  I’ve mastered the art of brows and concealing the undereye area and nothing on the rest of my face because of mask-wear!  

Thankfully, my makeup mojo returned and I got my interest back so early this year, I pulled out all the Multi Purpose Color Creams from Ellana and tested these out.

Ellana Multi Purpose Color Cream Review by Nikki Tiu of

Ellana says —-

IT'S BACK, with an improved formula and now in 12 shades. The only all-purpose color you'll ever need, perfect for everyday use! This cream pigment with a matte finish can be used for eyes, lips, and cheeks for a color coordinated look.

Formulated with Cocoa Butter, our multipurpose color cream conditions your skin, even after you wash it off.

Available in 12 colors.

Ellana Multi Purpose Color Cream Review by Nikki Tiu of

I got 4 shades to test out, by the way, these can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips!  Very multi-purpose I must say!

Ellana Multi Purpose Color Cream Review by Nikki Tiu of
L-R Delight, Glee, Wish and Divine

According to the Ellana website , Delight is a warm red-brown shade, Glee is a dewy copper-brown color, Wish is a Cocoa Maple and Divine is garnet shade.

I find the shade description to be exactly as described on what you see on pan and when swatched.  That said, they are indeed very pigmented.  The texture is soft and creamy but not greasy.  I like how I can easily apply on eyes, cheeks and lips without pulling or tugging.  All the shades I got are warm and perfect for my skintone.

What I noticed about cream based makeup is how they are so nice on cheeks, I honestly prefer my blush to be in cream format as they look more natural and stays longer.  Unfortunately, I am still not a fan of applying cream products (especially hydrating ones) on my eyelid area as it tends to move down to the lower eye area and sometimes wuld hurt my eyes.  I am honestly saying that to ALL brands not only Ellana.  If you really want to use it all the way even the eyelid area, I strongly suggest to set this immediately with a translucent powder - yes I said translucent powder because setting this with an eyeshadow would defeat the purpose of using a few makeup and the original color would be masked!

As for this on my lips, they earned thumbs up from me, Ellana create wonderful lip products and this obviously passed my test.  It is hydrating, pigmented and nondrying all through the day.  Reapplication will be needed after eating and drinking but the color does not fade easily - it lessened but some pigment would stay which is wonderful.

I highly recommend these and love how they sell it by the pan and you can easily create a quad using the Ellana case or use your own magnetic case!  The environtment THANK YOU Ellana!

Watch my first try video and so far, my thoughts did not change.  Great Job Ellana!  Proudly Pinoy-made by the way!

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