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Maybelline Cheek Heat Review


So we all know by now how Maybelline delivers in terms of creating good quality makeup, with shades perfect for Filipinas/Asian Skin at an affordable price.  

Maybelline Cheek Heat is dubbed Best Cream Blush of 2020 in the Allure Best of Beauty Awards as seen on their international web page.  There are 6 shades to choose from in this collection while locally, correct me if I am wrong, there are a total of 4 shades (1 missing in this post which is shade Lilac).

Cheek Heat is a water-based gel cream with colorful pigments that create a buildable, natural looking blush. Check out how 3 shades look on me in a glance.

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

Housed in a tube colored similarly as the cheek color itself, the tube felt lightweight and it must be the gel formulation that made me feel like there wasn’t any product inside!  Thankfully, I was wrong! 

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

With just a few squeeze you’ll get a product oozing out instantly and I tried swatching half a pea size and true enough, I get instant color without the need for adding more!

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review
Top to bottom: shades 15, 20 and 25

Shade 15

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

The lightest shade from the bunch though it shows up so pretty on my cheeks, I had to add around a pea size and a half to achieve this look.  BUT that’s because we are talking about cameras and harsh lighting, in person a pea size is enough for a single cheek to achieve that flushed look!

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

Shade 20 

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

On my instagram post, a lot picked this as a favorite because of the peach/orange tone to it.  Most Filipinas (I said MOST) have warm complexion so this would create a more natural flush than the first one!  I personally think this gives off a more summer vibe compared to the other 2 shades worn here.  
But same as the first shade, I needed 1 pea size to 1.5 pea size per cheek to achieve this effect.

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

Shade 25

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

My personal favorite.  This is what most cheek tints shades are in the market but a few of them can nail this effect.  Reds are quite hard to be honest and most of the time, I get a blob of red patch somewhere during application - thankfully I don’t have to worry about that with Maybelline’s Cheek Heat!  It applies like a dream and half a pea size or even less is needed to achieve this look!

The most pigmented out of the 3 and the most natural effect. 

Maybelline Cheek Heat Review

After using these for the past weeks, I can say that these are must-haves especially during summer and MASK season!  These Gel Cream Blush do not transfer on face masks and best of all, they stayed until makeup removal.  

Lightweight?  SUPER!  I don’t feel like I was wearing any makeup at all and thankfully, they don’t sit on dry patches and does not add up to greasiness.  The texture is just perfect and comfortable to wear.

A lot asked me on Instagram DM how I would compare this to Glossier.  
Thankfully, I own a Glossier paint and as much as I love Maybelline so much and appreciated how much they nailed the texture, they are totally different from Glossier still !  Glossier has a more thick gel texture and the Maybelline version has a thinner gel texture.  Again based from observation, both are different but both works nonetheless.

For the price of Php299.00 each tube, why don’t you try these yourself?  They are worth it!
Maybelline Cheek Heat available at Lazada.

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