Sunday, April 25, 2021

AMW Cooks: Chicken Rice Bowl Recipe (Hainanese Chicken)


I used to dislike “White Chicken” as what we call it in Cantonese Language.  I am definitely NOT discriminating Chicken based from their color but it is a directly translation from Cantonese language (which we highly use at home).

I guess I am really turning into an “Auntie”.  For someone who says: “EEEWWW” when I see my mom mix ginger and garlic in oil to put it on chicken and look at me today!  ADDING MORE GINGER than how my mom used to do!  

Ultimate Auntie you say?  It’s okay, I find this one of the most comforting food especially these trying times.  Cooking every single day (except no cook days) for the past years is putting a toll in my mental health!  :P  Just joking, it did not affect my mental health but thinking about what to cook every single day adds up to my stress.  Thank God for modern times, thank GOD for internet inspirations!  I actually was inspired with this dish via ...... *drumroll* TIKTOK!  

YES, I learn so much on Tiktok that is why I love that app more than Instagram nowadays.

“Don’t tell Instagram, it might get jealous!” NAHHH!  :P

What do you think? Looks good and appetitzing ha?  Best part it is super healthy!  So here’s my quick recipe done via Instagram TV - told you, Instagram shouldn’t worry :P  Happy Cooking!

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