Thursday, April 8, 2021

Natural Curls with Flat Iron


I love curling my hair!  It is an instant mood booster for me so even while staying home, there are days I’d wake up not feeling so good I’d grab my flat iron and start curling my hair and a slow smile is starting to be seen on my lips!  #TrueStory

I mostly use my flat iron to straighten my hair and maybe create a nice curve at the ends of my hair (C-Curling).  For this particular look, I’ve done another easy method to create messy yet lovely curls!

Of course, in every tutorial, I’d add a tip or 2!  Keep in mind the blazer plays a huge part in hairstyling, it protects my body from the heat and possible accidents!  

Here’s a short video on how I managed to do this look!  It is easy! I. Promise you,  I did this look in 10 minutes less!

I hope you learn something from me!

Comment below if you have any hairstyle requests!

Have a wonderful Day!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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