Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sudio NIO Aurora Review


Do you still remember the first SUDIO I reviewed?  A beautiful WHITE Sudio Tolv was featured a couple of months back and I have been using it ever since.  I never thought of changing or purchasing a new one becauses I am very happy with the quality of the ear piece I got.

It was a wonderful surprise to receive the Sudio NIO Aurora as gift late last month because they are celebrating the launch of Aurora with Aurora Live featuring singer Sandro Cavazza!  He performed live t the legendary Dalhalia open-air theatre located in Sweden and I fell in love with his music ever since!

I was lucky enough to get to try and use the newly launched NIO Aurora during the online live concert and I am torn between using this and my TOLV.  

Both are equally beautiful in terms of aesthetic, I like how both of different feel whenever I use it!  To make decision-making easier for me, I use the Sudio Nio Aurora for workouts and during house task while the Sudio Tolv is used for online meetings and live streams (white color looks crisp, clean and more professional in my humble opinion!)

I mean, seriously, you don’t need 2 pairs but my son is starting to get the hang of using these as well and he always borrow my Sudio NIO whenever he listens to music too!  He must have gotten the music lover in us!

You have a choice, but all I can safely say that SUDIO is a great brand producing great products!  I have been using them alternately for  months and I never have issues in terms of battery-life, sound quality and CONNECTION!  I can easily shift from my ipad to laptop and phone !  I can move around the house without disconnection which was a pain for me in other brands!

Just in case, you can get yourself a SUDIO at 15% discount using my code “NKKT” at (NOTE: I am not affiliated with the company, they just offer discounts for my readers and I happily share it here!)

Local readers,, shipping is not an issue as they shipped via DHL and delivered straight to my doorstep even during pandemic!

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