Thursday, April 1, 2021

Resin rings By Agoo


Staying home for more than a year left me listless in terms of “fashion”.  My watches, accessories, etc... are all collecting cobwebs!  But to be honest, my Blog, my Instagram, my Facebook made me ALIVE.  I was dressing up more often, playing around with makeup, hairstyle, nail art and is more confident in trying out various fashion trends because.... I AM JUST AT HOME!  At first it felt that way, no one’s going to judge me right?

But it turned out, I discovered so many styles I HONESTLY love even colorful and big accessories like the ones I am sporting here in this particular post.

I used to shy away with these accessories because “People might judge me I am not getting any younger!”

What the heck was I thinking?  These rings are like magical powers, they gave me cheerful vibe!  

As soon as I received these from good friend Agoo, I have been wanting to wear them whenever I unbox something, apply polishes, or just talk to anyone over social media because it felt like a happy pill!  

Over the year, what have you discovered about yourself?

Resin Rings are available for Pre-Order.  Message your orders on Instagram (@ringsbyagoo)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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