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KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review


KVD - Kat Von D.

The most sought after make up brand as a Beauty Blogger/Enthusiast.  

I remembered wanting/trying to get my hands on Kat Von D products but I just don’t have the means beause I don’t like to order online anymore as I need to pick them up at local post offices.  

Resellers?  There are a lot of them but I do not personally know legit ones and I am obviously afraid of fakes!

So thankful for Sephora  because I can be assured of the authenticity of the makeup and skincare products.

So there…that is an intro!  Hahaha  Seriously, I was invited to KVD Beauty’s Online event 2 weeks ago and I learned so much from Nikki Wolf.  Through the process of makeup application, there are 2 products I SUPER want to try!  Their Tattoo Liner and these MODCON Liquid Gel Blush!

I hailed these the most unique blush texture I have tried to date —— 

A photo of KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review

KVD MODCON Liquid Gel Blush —- (taken from Sephora website)

What it is: A lightweight, long-wear liquid-gel blush for a modern skin look: hydrated and dewy with a punch of color. 

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: ModCon melts on easily and feels like a second skin. Build this shimmer-free blush up without highlighting texture or getting streaky, tacky, or patchy. The innovative formula helps keep skin looking hydrated, bright, and smooth, and it’s infused with hoya lacunosa flower extract. 

KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review


Glowlita, Dewality, Glasscade and Luminairy

A swatch photo of KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review

Blended version

A swatch photo of KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review

I have tried these for a week plus and before I share my thoughts, I’ll indulge you with my swatch on cheeks photos!  I usually dislike swatching liquid/cream/gel type blush because it is so hard to remove!  These 4 MODCON Blush from KVD Beauty was a breeze, it blends easily and it wasn’t as hard to remove as copared to other cheek products (excluding powders).  

Is that good?  Is that bad?  You’ll know after !


As the name states, my skin looks glowing without much color!  Out of the 4 shades, this one was applied more than the usual for the camera to pick up the shade!  I think this shade would work super well on super fair skinned gals with cool complexion.  But if you have the same skintone as I do, this will be my “I woke up with perfect skin” blush.  For someone who likes color popping from my sallow skin I would say this is the least favorite out of the 4.

A photo of KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review


Dewality, has a peach pink pop of color IN PERSON.  On photos it looks like it disappears or it doesn’t show up as much but it looks super beautiful in person!  I love how naturally glowing my skin looks and how healthy and supple my cheeks are!  Don’t you agree?

KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review

16-year old me, that’s how I felt wearing this shade!  The blush shade that pops the most out of the 4.  As opposed to me disliking pink colored blush, I am surprised how much I am leaning onto this shade.  This screams youthful and cheerful!

KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review


Similar to Dewality but has more peach/coral tone.  This shade is my 2nd favorite coming from someone who LOVES warm blush and sunset-type of colors!  Ahhhh I felt like dancing to the song of I’m Walking On Sunshine—-wooohhhoooo!

KVD Beauty MODCON Liquid Gel Blush Review

Here’s my verdict, if you are into BOOM!  LOOK AT MY CHEEKS kinda gal, these are not for you!  KVD Beauty MODCON or made for girls who like glowing cheeks even with blush!  I personally dislike matte blush and ended up adding highlighters on cheeks just to create dimension.  This is what I call 2-in-1, BLUSH + HIGHLIGHTED Cheeks!  These are perfect if you like glowing, healthy-looking makeup!  If your type of makeup are the MATTE ones, skip this..just skip this or you’ll get disappointed.

Now to my fellow glowing cheeks lovers - why will you love this?

The gel texture is amazing, the blush looks scary one you dispense them out of the tube and on first few application, but after blending it well, the pigmented disappears and you are left with a nice hint of color instead.  Amazing yet I wonder how long a tube would last on me?

As for longevity, I have normal skin so this lasts me approximately 4 hours, maybe, reapplication is needed if you have oily skin!  

I also tried setting this with my favorite loose setting powder, the dewiness lessened approximately 15-20% but I can still see glow as compared to using regular tints or powder.  

Do you think you should go for this blush?

YES!  Yes if you are a fan of blush and you like them the most natural-looking ever!

KVD Beauty are available at SEPHORA PH.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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