Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Turkish Finds Lambskin Leather Bag (Burnt Sienna)


Hello everyone!  Ahh, I have found a super nice leather bag for 2021!  I haven’t shopped any clothing, footwear, bags since the start of 2021.  I mean look!  Where do I usually go?  I can count using my fingers the times I go out and it’s all visit to my parent’s Home.  Ahhh how much I missed them!

But before you go…why would you dress up going to your parents home?  Well, I always do!  Not in a fashionable way —- in my own personal style + FACE MASK!

I love the mom jeans I bought online and the knitted sleeveless top!  I honestly wear them at HOME!  So yes, it was like me wearing home clothes outside!  Why do I dress up even at home?  

Online work!  I have a couple of Zoom meetings or calls every now and then and I want to make sure that I look “ready” and “professional” when the caller would suddenly request for Video Calls.  They usually do not require video calls but out of respect, I guess that is a TEACHER IN ME, I wanted the person to see my facial expressions, my face, just to let them know how important they are to me for me to at least look half decent and meet them eye to eye! :D
That’s just my 2 cents.  

My parents and brother had COVID scare so I stopped going there for 2 months.   After testing negative in the Swab test, I finally gave myself a go to visit them once again and look at my excited face behind the mask!

Turkish Finds Lambskin Leather Bag (Burnt Sienna)  Review

Inside my Turkish Finds Lambskin Leather bag are the following —- Face Shield, Alcohol, Wallet, Shades, Keys and some snacks!

Whenever I am out, I tend not to eat and drink so I make sure I have enough snacks inside my bag whenever I go back to my car and eat while I drive —- well not literally WHITE DRIVING but in between traffic and long stops! (P.S. You only do that when you are very much aware of your driving, if you can’t multi-task, please do not FOLLOW ME!  I have ulcer/GERD so I need to eat every now and then!)

The bag comes in SEVERAL Colors, and I finally decided to go for the shade Burnt Sienna for it’s unique color and texture.  It has a “torched leather” kind of feel to it so this won my heart.

A photo of Turkish Finds Lambskin Leather Bag (Burnt Sienna)  Review

Lambskin is more delicate and soft in texture so you have to be careful for wear and tear.  You also need to be careful in not storing them in direct sunlight.  Lambskin generally have buttery-texture that’s why moms like myself enjoy this since I can easily rummage through my bag without difficulty!  

Turkish Finds Lambskin Leather Bag (Burnt Sienna)  Review

The bag can be used as backpack or a sling bag!  You can wear it like a mailman bag wearing the straps in diagonal manner.  This will also be my choice of “travel” bag because I like wearing backpacks in front and for the fact that the bag has several zippers which I SUPER LOVE!

Turkish Finds Lambskin Leather Bag (Burnt Sienna)  Review

There is not water bottle compartment on the sides like most backpacks but AGAIN, if you have a Lambskin as the material of the bag, you would not dare put water bottle inside for safety!

Turkish Finds Lambskin Leather Bag (Burnt Sienna)  Review

How to take care of a lambskin leather bag?
Wipe them off after use and store in cool, dry place!  Do not keep them in plastic bags, dustbags are good enough!

I am aiming for different colors because I love the size, the design and just the overall quality of the bag.  You can get yours priced locally at Php5,600 at Turkish Finds website.

Will you purchase such bag?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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