Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Cocobelle Brush Cleaner Review


Before the official launching, Cocobelle PH reached out to me to review their brush cleaner!  I, for one, will always support small businesses and local manufacturers for products that REALLY WORK!  

Considering this was featured on my Instagram, then my Blog, you know that this passed my OC-ness in makeup brush cleansing with flying colors. 

Cocobelle Brush Cleaner Review

Cocobelle’s Makeup Brush Cleaner cleans, conditions, and extends the life of your brush. Not just that! It helps protect your skin from irritation because it’s made of all-natural quality ingredients!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The 250g is priced at Php600.00 available at Lazada while they also have a travel size for Php250.00.

To be honest, even the travel size bottle will ggo a long way!  I have a LOT of makeup brushes to clean every single week!  I have a whole set in my room and another set in my work-room.  I test a lot of makeup products thus I use a lot of makeup even if I am staying at home!

Cocobelle also sells silicone Brush Egg which is a perfect tool to use durin brush cleaning.

Cocobelle Brush Cleaner Review

I like to swirl a wet brush directly on the Cocobelle Brush Cleaner bottle and do a gentle swirl, you will definitely see all sorts of makeup from the brush coming off without much pressure!

Cocobelle Brush Cleaner Review

So these are all the brushes I cleaned last weekend, I like using Solid cleaner because I can save up more, at the same time, it is very easy to use!  My cleaning time was cut in half!

Cocobelle Brush Cleaner Review

Clean brushes!
Cocobelle Brush Cleaner Review

This is a travel size bottle and with all the brushes, here’s what I used so far!  Not bad huh?

Cocobelle Brush Cleaner Review

Here are some key points on why I like this ——

  • Glass bottle, so you won’t leave a bad stain on the container even after constant cleaning.
  • Solid form - ‘nuff said, I can easily swirl the brush directly on the product.
  • Made from natural ingredients.  I read their ingredients list and they are all understandable to a commoner like myself. :P
  • Can clean all sorts of brushes even makeup sponges! Seriously, it even lighten up old brush stains.

It is very important to be reminded to clean our makeup tools especially during the pandemic.  We love to invest on skincare, makeup cleansers and toners but people tend to forget how important it is to invest for our makeup tools!  Using dirty brushes is like rubbing on dirt to the face!  Then people tend to wonder why they still break out and blame it on skincare products.

Before you worry about chocolates or peanuts, check your makeup tools - are they clean? Are they safe to use?

Cocobelle Natural Brush Cleaner and Conditioners are available at Lazada.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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