Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Maybelline New Fit Me Review


Maybelline gets my thumbs up on their lip products, mascaras and foundations.  They could be inexpensive but I always recommend this brand especially to girls who are just fresh out of college and are on a budget while looking for a job.

There’s one thing I find a bit mind boggling with the brand though!  They revamp and improve their products so fast I can’t seem to keep up —- well, I CAN, but I can’t keep up in a way that there are some great products I don’t want to let go of and they just poof and disappear!  —- HELLO MAYBELLINE MASCARAS!!!!  

So back to this story, if you love the old FIT ME Powder foundation, well, this could be a great news for you (if you ended up loving this), they did some changes and call this NEW FIT ME with 2x Powder Power!  

Maybelline New Fit Me Review

I will give it to Maybelline for the super nice packaging, very classy and sleek and not the cheap plastic type!  I love the colors used - it just screams CLASSY and nice.

The Maybelline New Fit Me is honestly NOT my kind of product because for the fact that I have combination NORMAL/DRY skin.  This product is meant for oily skin because of the Oil Control properties so I am not doing a detailed review about this product since I won’t be using these as much as I like to.  

Priced at Php249.00 available at SHOPEE. There are a total of 8 shades available locally but when I took a look at their online selling site, there were only 2 shades left - Warm Nude and Soft Tan.

Maybelline New Fit Me Review

The shades are a bit darker and more apt for most Filipinas to be honest.  Their lightest shade Natural Ivory is 1 shade lighter than Classic Ivory (on swatch below).  So if you are super fair, you may not find the right shade for you.  Considering I am using a BEIGE person in most Maybelline products, Natural Beige turned a bit dark on me (swatch located at jaw area) and I turned out to be the shade of 2nd to the lightest which is CLASSIC IVORY as you can see below.

Maybelline New Fit Me Review

But here’s what I like about Maybelline’s New Fit Me, it has better coverage.  It does not only serve as an oil control powder, it gives a decent coverage as seen on my before and after photo below. 

Maybelline New Fit Me Review

I just felt this product isn’t for me just because I don’t have oily skin, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the product.  I honestly recommend this product for oily-skinned readers because the Oil Control of this powder is actually nice and effective!  I may find myself using this during summer (when I tend to oil up more) or when I have heavy moisturizer underneath.  But for now, I am giving all these to my sister who has oilier skin.  

Maybelline New Fit Me Review

So far, this is a great new base makeup to try especially since we are always wearing mask and our skin tends to oil up more!

How do you find this product?

Are you currently using Maybelline Powder Foundation?  

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