Friday, July 23, 2021

Subtle Eyelining Tip


Hi AMW Friends!

Today, I will share a quick subtle eyelining tip that most Korean Drama stars do that ends up looking like they are not wearing any makeup at all!  I have studied and tried this tip so many times and decided to share this after (finally) perfecting it! 

All you need to do is 1 product - a good Eyeliner Pencil that is smooth and pigmented yet waterproof and smudgeproof.

I can tell you off the bat a higher end brand and a drugstore brand that works.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

And a new found drugstore brand which I used in this tutorial.  REVLON Cream Eyeliner Pencil.  I used the Brown shade for a more natural effect.

Tightlining is key for natural-looking liner but it is really scary to do so especially when you watch tutorials done by professionals!  I put myself in the shoes of someone who isn’t a professional and are scared to have sharp pencils poking in their eye and finally made this.  See the effect?

Left eye facing you with Eyeliner, right eye facing you is the bare eye!

Please watch this video and see if this is workable.  I would love to hear from you!  Thanks for watching and visiting this post!  

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