Sunday, July 25, 2021

NEW! Piattos Supersized Chips


Guys!  The whole lockdown, I have been stuffing my face with CHIPS!  I am serious when I have a whole  big box of “ALL CHIPS” and snack (3 boxes TBH).

People would think I buy chips for my son, he does eat chips but he eats only a few!  We, as parents are actually big on chips!  After our son goes to bed, our tired selves would enjoy movie night, Korean Variety Shows binge-watching or wathever we do from 12mn onwards with chips on hand!  Ahhhh, don’t judge me, that is why I still have this happy face amidst being locked at home for a year and a half.

We usually open up a bag of chips and share, even with Kyle sleeping, we always keep a portion for him because we want him to be included with whatever we eat!  Unfortunately, with the previous packaging of Piattos, we always end up….well..sorry Kyle, finishing up a bag without leaving some for Kyle!  Kulang naman kasi talaga!  So hearing about the Supersized Piattos version is a great news!

Available in 2 flavors for now - Sour Cream and Onion and Cheese.  I wish they would also supersize their other flavors like Roast Beef!  Don’t worry Piattos, I will be waiting patiently!

Available na in major supermarket near you!

Enjoy mommies and daddies!

We deserve this break!  Always keep that in mind!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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