Monday, July 26, 2021

Le Couleur Professional Hair Steam Iron Review


I love all sorts of hairstyling tools!!!  You could see that interest whenever I post hair products/hair related stuff here on the blog!

From my first Hair Straightening Iron in 2008 (JML for the win! Still working until this very day!) to purchasing a MINI Hair Iron for the bangs (Shoot, I never get to use it until this very day!).  I love my heating tools so much I even purchase a Hot Iron Holster!

I even bought my first curling iron and had to purchase a separate Transformer because I can’t wait for the Asian version!  

My hair tools and hair stories could go on and on but I’ll spare you for that!  What gave me the inspiration to talk about my hair past is because of my newest hair tools addition to my humble family!  The Le Couleur Professional Hair Steam Iron!

Le Couleur Professional Hair Steam Iron Details (Taken from

High performance shine for your hair without the damage.

Vapor infused, allowing water ions to penetrate into the hair, from the tip to the roots, locking 90% of the moisture and adding 50% more moisture to the hair. 

Innovative straight hair hydration technology for silky-looking natural and healthy hair.

I have done research before doing this blog post, I have been searching high and low about this brand and this specific model and found not a lot of reviews online!  But when you check out the website, you would be surprised with the wide range of (not only hair straightening) but salon tools!  They even have their own brand of Barber’s chair!

So back to this product which is priced at HairMNL for Php8,800.00.  Not the most expensive in the market but you’ll definitely find something cheaper.  So I would put this under mid-range and I am ready to spill the beans after using this for almost a month!

AMW says—-


  • Love the sleek look and color of this Hair Steam Iron.
  • Comes with steam so hair is not as hot to handle while using.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has digital screen making it easy to see and control the temperature.
  • Comes with 3 buttons at the side so lesser accidents while using.
  • Hair indeed looks smoother and silkier even after use.
  • The steam that comes out goes straight to the hair, never on the direction of my hands or fingers so I don’t have any burn or accident so far.
  • Swivel cord. 
  • The steam container is placed at the right position so it isn’t hard to use the hair steam iron.  
  • Maximum of 230 degress which is just the right heat without damaging hair.
  • Can straighten and curl the hair.
  • Iron can be used with or without steam.  There is an on/off switch for that.


  • It is very difficult for me to fill up the “steam” container.  I am unsure if I should put the whole iron directly to fill up the water container but I worry about it being broken so I used a syringe in filling up the container with water.  
  • The container cannot be removed so if you feel like you don’t want to have this extra plactic container while you use the iron, well, you have to live with it :)


I enjoyed using this Hair Steam Iron From Le Couleur because I can see how less damaging it does for my hair.  I also enjoy using this to style my hair for the fact that my hair won’t turn hot like most iron would do!  Keep in mind though that with the steam function on, the hair style won’t be as long-lasting as opposed to having the steam function off!  If you want a more natural and loose curls, turn on the steam, do otherwise if you want tighter and longer-lasting curls.

Is it worth to invest in such product with steam?

Depends on you.  If you value your hair and you use hair straightening tools on a daily basis, it is worth to invest such product.  But if you only use hair iron a few times or only during special occasions/events, you may go for the simpler and more inexpensive styles.

Feel free to watch this short IG Video to learn more about my newest iron to date!  Available at

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