Thursday, January 7, 2010

AMW Reviews: Hot Tools Professional Gold Curling Iron

I have been wanting a curling iron as young as ... YOUNG!  *laughs*  I've used many curling irons in the past, mostly cheap ones and I find that it doesn't do anything for my hair!  Either they don't heat up easily or they just get broken before I learn how to use one!

When I started to blog and started to read reviews, I've got to learn a brand that's inexpensive yet works great!  HOT TOOLS!  And I swear, this is one product I've been lemming FOR-EH-VAH! 

My friend from the US helped me purchase one and after almost 2 years of constant salivation (if there is such term!), I held it close to me.....


After days of staring, not because of "awe" but because it was in 110 volts!  hahaha Now that's what you call someone out there is playing a joke on me!  I finally have my own "transformer" (and I'm not talking about Optimus Prime! *sigh*)  I finally used it and here's a serious review..I mean business this time! :P

Hot Tools Professional says ---
Hot Tools Gold Spring Curling Iron is great for adding waves, curls, or volume to any hair style. The Patented Pulse Technology® senses heat loss and begins restoring it immediately so the iron stays hot, curl after curl. The 24K gold plated barrel speeds the circulation of heat, enhancing heat up and heat recovery.
  • Patented Pulse Technology for Gets Hot... Stays Hot performance
  • Variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control up to 430 degrees
  • Powerful spring clamp
  • Extra-high heat
  • 24K gold-plated barrel
  • Fast heat up
  • Heavy-duty long-life heating element
  • Foldaway safety stand
  • Pilot light
  • Extra-long cool tip
  • Soft-Grip¿ textured handle
  • 8-ft. cord
  • On / Off switch
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • One-year warranty 
 AMW says ---

  • *whistles* looks GREAT!!! Imagine pulling this out??? *sigh* Gold......
  • heats up pretty fast
  • great 360 degrees swivel cord
  • the clamp is just right, not too tight or loose
  • easy grip handle, just the right size
  • I love the on/off switch that doesn't accidentally turn off while styling, my flat iron tends to accidentally turn off while using!
  • has temperature controls, at least, you can control the temperature base on your hair texture.  Perfect if you're a hairstylist as different clients have different hair texture

  • the cool tip is longer as compared to other curling irons which gives a better hold while curling
  • included are 2 extra springs for you to change when the original one gets loose

  • needs transformer to be able to use this if you are not living in a country that uses 110 volts
  • if you use this everyday without protection, can easily dry up or ruin the texture of your hair
  • not available locally
I strongly recommend this if you are looking for a curling iron that works and does what it was intended to do.  It curls and the curls stay!

What is the difference between the Gold Barrel and the Ceramic ones?

I own both the Gold Barrel and another one that has "teflon" coating or I would say, equivalent to ceramic ones.  The coated ones in my opinion does not curl as fast as the uncoated ones, and the curl does not stay as long, but the good side is, it protects the hair and great for daily use as its not as harsh.

In my case, both are useful.  If you like to curl your hair on a daily basis, go for the ceramic/teflon coated curling irons, if you have a special event or party and a long lasting curl is needed, this one will save your special day!  But I have to stress again and again to use heat protecting products!

  • never use while taking a shower or on a wet environment
  • be careful not to store in area that children can easily reach
  • while iron is still hot after unplugging, store in place that's not easy to reach
  • use a heat protecting gloves if you are clumsy
  • use a damp cloth to wipe the iron when cool, or use an iron spray if available in your location
  • use heat protecting product to protect your hair while styling
  • if you are living in a country like mine using 220v, do stick on a "note" that reminds you on this voltage to prevent accidents
Will I repurchase?
I'd love to get other sizes! 3/4 inches, 1 1/4 is my next target! :)

Where to purchase and how much?
My friend purchased this one for me at Ulta for $32.00 (approx Php1,500)

And here's a photo to show the Hot Tools Professional Gold Curling Iron in 1"
Curled early morning around 9:30am, this was taken at exactly 11:30pm
Not bad eh? 

Hairspray used
L'oreal Professional Tecni.Art
Air Fix Force 5

If you plan to purchase a curling iron, I highly recommend this brand.  This is a perfect example of a product that works great yet inexpensive!  GOOD BUY! :)

I hope you find this review helpful!  Full of photos, sorry! I can't help but boast it's sexyness *winks*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh dude, I have this curling iron! Except I think mine's the 1-1/4". Sadly I cut all my hair off before I really learned how to use it. I think I'm just too much of a klutz for things like that LOL.

  2. You look so elegant in the photo! :3 Thanks for the review, I have the exact curler just in 1.25", slightly larger, I haven't opened the box :O What's funny's that I was lemming for curly hair for so long, but when I actually got the curler, I chickened out and just stored it in the closet, it's still in there since last spring! Anyway, your review is very thorough and love the pics, so helpful :)

  3. i am so glad this worked for you sis! it just tooootally screwed up the hell out of me.. it literally burned my hair.. and cut it into half.. i almost knew how one could smell when roasted.. geez!! but never the less I would agree it will give you great curls because of the heat setting! it heats up fast!! :D

  4. i am with catherine. i'd probably burn myself before curling anything. and i don't want curly hair! all my life i've been battling with some unruly strands on the top of my head and wavy bits here and there. i would rather straighten it for an cleaner look than looking after curls.

    by the way, that golden dress you wore is a winner! very classic!

  5. question do u still set your hair after curling it?

  6. your curls are REALLY gorgeous sis! i tried curling my hair a couple of times on my own..and now i completely gave up already

  7. Love your gold curling iron Nikki! and you look good too :)

  8. I never seen a gold curling iron before! Classy! :D And you lovely in curls

  9. I have two of these (1" and 1 1/4") which I got from Pau's blogsale and they work perfectly on my hard-to-curl-hair. The only thing I need to keep my curls last is a good hairspray. I just might try that one from L'Oreal. Where can I get that?

  10. cool! i love curling iron myself. breaks the monotony of everyday straight hair. if only i have time to primp my hair using it daily as well hehe. wow, not so expensive too huh? great buy! one question though: is it easy to hold? the length of the handle looks hard to work with. other than that, i take your word for it, it looks great lol! if i probably don't own one, you'd make me break my no-buy hehe.

  11. Waaah! I have been lemming for that curler for months! I envy you. And your long hair! (I have medium hair).


  12. Catherine, oh yeah! your hair is super short now! I've originally wanted the 1-1/4! But I already have the 1 1/2! So I thought it wont' make much difference! So I went for 1"! :) Well, when your hair grows longer :) You can use it then!

    Innerchild, oh no! Stored it in a closet? OH MY!!! Me?? I've been practicing the moment I got it and had the transformer! :) Let me know if you finally used it!

    Lady Joan, oh no! Burned your hair?? That is bad!!! Oh my, I never go beyond number 6! I am scared to burn my hair too!

  13. Jojoba, hahahah your hair is great the way it is! Mine is boringly straight! So I love curling it for special occasion! Thanks for liking the golden dress! :)

    Aika, I didn't set it on my own hair because my hair follows what I want it to be straight or curly, it stays that way for the whole day! :) But for others, I do set it first :)

    Xin, awww, I'll help you!!!!!!

  14. CHARRY, thanks

    Sue, oh my! I've been lemming for gold curling iron from Hot Tools for more than a year!!! :)

    Tish, yes, I remembered Pau's blog sale, my friend wanted it so bad too, I didn't purchase from Pau because I know my friend will purchase one for me :) The L'oreal one? You can find them at leading salons like Piandre, Jessi Mendez, etc.. :)

  15. MereMakeupManiac, I know! I get bored of straight hair! I am seriously in love with curling nowadays :) So far, I don't have problems holding this iron! It's not as long as it seems, it's easy to control and I like the thickness, just right!

    SoFiA! Oh girl! I don't have long hair as before! I had my hair cut and its a little bit longer from medium length :) Let's say..hmm...4-5 inches below the shoulders! :) My previous hair was like 10 inches below the shoulder! hehehe

  16. Ohhh, how beautiful do you look? Hot Tools is a popular brand among my friends that curl their hair. It works great with thicker/coarse (aka Black) hair so that's a plus!

  17. Thanks for the review. Your curls are beautiful. And nice dress too.

  18. @Nikki.. yup it did burn my freakin hair! lol that's why I was forced to sell it and glad it worked for Tish :D Her revlon one worked for me!!

    But mind you girl.. the settin I had was 1.. and it STILL burnt my hair..

    super sad!

    but again I super looove the curls it gave you!!! I just cant imagine a curl would last on my that long!!

  19. B, really? Even for thick and coarse hair? I haven't tried this on thicker hair yet! thanks :)

    Gio, thanks sweetie!

    Lady Joan, oh no! so sorry to hear that..your hair must be super sensitive! Be careful with it :)

  20. wow its not so expensive if bought in the US! love that it has extra spring for replacement.. that Iron will last you a long time! nice buy!

  21. Khymm, I know, this is a great great buy I really love this :)

  22. I recently purchased the hot tools ceramic titanium curlers and they dont get hot at all. Theyre warm but not hot so of course the hair wont curl. Do the gold ones get hot, like ghd hot?? i want to purchase the gold ones but im a bit wary now.


  23. Hi

    I have the same voltage problem, so can you tell me what transformer/ converter to buy.

    Thanks alot

  24. Ate yes i have same question too. What kind of transformer did you use? Where and how much you bought the transformer? please reply :)

  25. Hi fashionably rogue, yes, this gold ones get really really hot! I don't have GHD so I can't compare, but this works really well!

    Riette, please click this link (

    Anonymous, same link as above!

  26. Hi!! I'd love to buy this! Is this available in the Philippines?

  27. @Anonymous No , unfortunately, not available in the Philippines, I had a friend who lives in US help me purchase it there!

  28. Ohh.. That's very unfortunate :( Because I really wanna get the 1-1/4 inch curling iron :(


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