Friday, January 8, 2010

Readers' Corner: How Nikki Organize Her Traincase

Happy Friday everyone! :)  Now, aren't you feeling the weekend excitement?  Come on, give out a smile =)  See? It's easy to be happy eh?

Anyways, Friday, I dedicate this to a reader query that I wasn't able to answer for quite some time.  I apologize!  But hey, I will finally answer it!  That counts right? *pats myself on the back*

I was once asked to show my make-up collection and how I pack for makeup gigs!  As organized as I am, I do not have everything in one place, I have a place for makeups that are used often and a "storage" area for backups.   I don't use as much makeup as you expect me to be.  If you ask me, my "daily used" makeup will be packed in one medium sized pouch and that's it :)

Since I will be off for a wedding gig today!  Let me show you how I pack my stuffs.  I guess I pack the same as others but what the heck?  If you're intrigued, you can see how boring I could be!  *laughs*

Here's my traincase in wheels

As you open the cover I like to see eye products


Let me break it down for you :)


1. Single Eyeshadows, Concealer Palette and Foundation palette - I like to bring some single shadows that could get useful, especially on the more colorful shades.
2. Eyeshadow palettes - the quads, the mini palettes etc...
3. Eyebrow powder, falsies, tools like mini scissors, tweezers, shaver, etc..


4. Blushes and contouring powder - both in cream and powder form
5. Lipsticks and lipglosses
6. Random concealer pots, primers, eyebrow pencils, eyeliner pencils, etc...

and for the huge storage space


7.  Eyeshadow palettes, concealer palette, blush palette, brush cleansers, facial mists, make-up removers and brush brushes protected in brush rolls


I also include the clear plastic case that includes my sponges, velour puffs, cotton buds, cotton pads and random clips for hair!

I also have this tiny sticker with my name on the traincase...out of topic!  I know! *smiles*

Anyways, if you  notice, I don't have any foundation or setting powders in the huge traincase because I like it separated.  I don't like digging deep.  I put all my foundation and powders in a separate case.

A Lancome case that was gifted to me by my Aunt
Thanks Aunt! :D

I include random shades of powder/cream/liquid foundations. Also, I make sure to bring moisturizer for clients who haven't had the chance to moisturize their skin!

Did You Know That?
I usually ask the skin color of my clients prior to organizing my make-up so I don't have to lug everything!  That saves space, time and energy!  Smart eh? :P


 I hope seeing the way I organize my make-up for gigs doesn't give you an "eye sore"!
Don't blame me!  Blame the reader who requested for this!  :P  Don't worry, I'll keep you anonymous! *winks*  Well I'm off to rest now!  I must be ready for a busy weekend!!!

Happy weekend everyone!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!!


  1. WOW! That's a lot! And such a big traincase! :D

  2. i like to see eye products at first glance in my traincase too hehe. love the lancome case, so chic! loving the crocodile pattern. ;) good luck and have fun at the wedding gig! :)

  3. Not an eyesore at all!! I love looking at people's collection and how they organize their makeup!! :D

    You're so neat Nikki!! :D And you have so much cosmetics... i'm sure thats not all!! hahaha!! :D

    All the best for your wedding gig!! Ah, what am i talking about... i'm sure you'll do your magic!! hehehe!! I really want to see your "handiwork"!! Please share with us if it's possible!! ;)

  4. Nicee!where didyou get your train case? :)

  5. So many makeup! Excuse me while I drool. Haha :p Now I have an idea as to how to organize my makeup. It's not as much but they're scattered in different drawers and containers, aack!

  6. Oh you are so organised!!! Love it :) I need to take some pointers from you I think :P
    Loved this post!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend too!!!! :) xo

  7. Nice! it looks great and neat too! Mine is currently a MESS. I need to seriously do some pigment pressing.

  8. WOW! soooo many makeup! o_O you're traincase looks great Nikki!

  9. love your traincase!! sigh...I'd love to get one, but ermm...I can't bring myself to admit the sheer volume of makeup I have! LOL...have a happy weekend babe! :)

  10. Like you, I'm suuuuper excited for weekend! =) Thanks for sharing the insides of your traincase, that's a LOT!

  11. wow so much stuff
    i think your training case has more than my entire collection :P

  12. grabe! love it! so organized.. wow you have a LOT of makeup! =)

  13. I enjoy this kind of posts a lot! You have a great collection and everything is very well organized. Props to you Nikki! :D

  14. Achie i LOVE how organized you are. I'm a huge mess in terms of keeping my stuff. haha :) Happy weekend, and see you NEXT WEEK rawr finally!

  15. You have such amazing make-up collecion! Thats a lot of great stuff!
    Lovely train case as well! Looks unique and very organized.

  16. That's a huuuge traincase. :P Lotsa foundation too! Foundie girl! :D

  17. I wish I can keep a neat traincase. :) Loveee it!:)

  18. ah..ate pls disregard the previous comment from ate jheng. just fixing her blog kaya yun nagamit ko to mwahh

  19. Maggie, hahhaha I have seen even bigger traincase :)

    MereMakeupManiac, yes, thanks to my aunt for the cute Lancome traincase! :) it's really perfect to fit the foundations and powders :)

    Jenn, hahaha, I have this OCness to wipe my liquid foundation tip too! I hate it when they turn out messy! I dont' know if its good or a mere sickness hahaha! Sure, I'll share some photos for sure! :) thanks for being such a positive person and trusting in my capability! :)

  20. Caby, QUIAPO!

    Jen, awww, I'm glad you got some pointers :) hehehe I'm sure you can fix yours soon and show it to us ok?

    Sarah, hahahah take pointers from me on how to be super crazy in organization girl? NAH!!! You're good the way you are! hahaha

  21. Y, I have never pressed any of my pigments! :)

    Nehs, thank you!

    Bee, dahaling! You need 2 huge traincases to fit all your stuffs..or is it 3??? LOL

  22. Dang, it is my pleasure to share! :) Happy weekend too!

    LyNn, nah, you'll get there! :) I have a feeling you'll get to have even more..soon!

    Khymm, :) actually, it's not as organized pa as I want it to be..hay! Siraulo na ata ako! HAHAHAHAHHA

  23. Fifi, I'm glad you enjoy these types of post :)

    Sophie, see you next week din! it's been a while!!! AS IN!!! Let me know the final sched ha? Hahabol talaga ako!

    Anastacia, thank you sweetie! Yes, it is unique because the color is just so...different! ahahha that's the only color available that time when I was looking for that size!

  24. Pammy, hahahah I am NOT a foundie girl! hahaha Come on! I am a...hmm...MAKEUP GIRL! :P

    Jamie, I hear ya! thanks sweetie! And you are so sweet for fixing Jheng's blog ang ganda na nga eh! :)

  25. I love your traincase. You have a great collection and everything is so neat and organized. :)

  26. It's such a treat to see your collection, Nikki! And you're so organized. I really think as a make up artist you have to be a little OC in preparing and keeping your stuff so you can easily reach for things whenever you need them. That traincase is HUGE! LOL.

  27. QUIAPO is LOVE! My mom was with me when I ought my train case and she promised she'll get me a bigger one next time. I can't wait for that next time na haha

  28. an eyesore?! its like looking at candy! so organized. I wanna play in it. :P

  29. Gio, thank yoU! I'm glad you find it neat and organized! that warms my heart! :)

    All Women Stalker, thank you! The OCness in me kinda works in a positive manner because my tools and stuffs are definitely clean and clients like to see that :)

    Caby, I know! I need to go back to QUIAPO..but of course..NOT NOW! :)

    My-My sweetie, thank you!!!!! Same as seeing other beauty bloggers' collection, I'd love to play makeup too!

  30. Wow, such huge and organized collection!

  31. aaahh..atlast i can now see the comment box hehe,been meaning to post in this entry...and say..."youve got a lot of jewels in your chest ms nikki..and theyre blinding me..hehe.i wish to have one of those mini black bags or even just one paul and joe cosmetics..i just cant go to their branch..masyadong malayo..hehe..and i find them quite pricey

  32. Shobe, thanks for posting a comment, hahah jewels in my chest sounds great! I would faint if I lose this! :)

  33. great collection! I'm in the midst of re-organizing my makeup... tiring. Lol

  34. I just love peeking at people's traincases, and yours is no exception. LOVE IT! :P

    Happy New Year, Nikki! :D

  35. Connie, I believe you are tired, you have humongous collection :) How was the organization?

    Tine, Happy new Year too! :)


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