Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Wonder: "'s too darn cute!"

How's everybody doing?  Well, I'm still an "energizer bunny"!  Like I said, it will be a very busy weekend but here I am, I still want to catch up with everyone!  As I was organizing my stuffs.. AGAIN  (nothing's new)!  I found an OPI Teeny Bikinis set given to me by my bestfriend as a gift.

As a nail addict like yours truly, its quite surprising to think that I didn't use this the moment I receive this!!!  That got me thinking, I love polishes and each and every polish I have, I can't leave it more than a week not trying or using it.  What stopped me???

 Who could resist using them?  They're super cute!

The set was available Spring of 2009 (Around February) in the US, I believe it's not available locally! This is the mini version of the regular sized OPI and they are packed in a cute pouch which is great for gifting or a perfect size if you want to test the brand without spending too much!


The OPI South Beach Teeny Bikinis mini nail lacquer set includes: (left to right)
  • Done Out in Deco
  • Suzi & the Lifeguard
  • Overexposed in South Beach
  • RapiDry Top Coat
That got me thinking and I want to hear from all of you.

"What new product you have that you just don't have the heart to use because...

.... it's too darn cute?"

Yes, I promise I'll try to use this, on my next nail art tutorial,
even if it breaks my heart!
I'll probably play "Achy Breaky Heart" while I use this no? *hahahahaha*

Keep smilin!
Stay happy!


  1. Those are some really pretty colors! I only own one OPI polish for now because they're so expensive. As for the question, I recently got some circle lens but the bottles they come in are so cute, I feel bad opening them. I'll probably end up saving the tiny bottles or something. lol.

  2. Aww, that is cute! I don't have anything I won't use because it's cute. I used to have some random things like that when I was younger, but I just don't do it anymore. The way I see it is we don't know how much time we have here so why not enjoy ourselves and use every makeup/nail polish item we have, no matter how cute? JMHO. =)

  3. dang. i recently received a opi mini set...and i can't get myeslf to use it either! lol

  4. Hehehe, those are indeed really cute! I don't think I have any products that are *too* cute to use, but I have a horrible, horrible habit of trying to "save" products that are being used up by not using them at all... which is why I've been avoiding some of my pa glitter polishes and half of my body lotions LOL. It's one of my New Year's resolutions to use up more of my things though. I just wish re-buying were as fun as regular buying LOL!

  5. They are totally the cutest! I see them in my local stores... but never this particular colours range! =( maybe it's sold out haha.. They are such cuties... I ended up with different colours home hehehe


  6. they're soo small (judging by how they fit your palm ^^) and they're so cute as well :)

    now, i can't remember not using one of my etsy stuff here at home LOL

    i can't resist not to immediately use them HAHA,. it makes my day more *cuter* :)

  7. omg! i like that too! i'm not using any stuff if it's too cute. haha.. nakakahinayang. :DD

  8. a lot of my decal, especially lace ones haha, i hate to start using them > < but then, i make sure to take lots of photos of them on my nail =P
    mini bottle nailpolish are adorable arent thay!

  9. The Muses, I know! would you believe I don't own any full sized OPI polish all? So these minis are my firsts :) Oh yeah, circle lenses have great looking bottles! I know what you mean :)

    Red, hahahaha Thanks for your words of wisdom, I'll try to live by it :) Thanks for the comment too :)

    Rasilla, yayness! So its just not me?

    Catherine, oh no! Saving them up by trying not to use them??? Then buy more? hahahah Goodluck with your New Years Resolution dear!

  10. Dana, I believe they're not available anymore? Probably just random stores? Because these have been available last year! Early last year! :)

    Madelyn, yes, they are indeed small! Probably I'll be using each bottle 3-4 times only! :)

    Nehs, I know!!!!! I'm glad you can relate!

    Khymm, thanks! Oh you're talking about the colors pala! Kala ko AKO! Joke lang! :)

  11. Those are too cute! The colors are beautiful.

  12. Wow! The colors are sooooo cute! Such pretty polishes! I want the second one Suzi & the Lifeguard so far! Very nice!

  13. These are adorable! Love OPI mini's :)
    Btw I have an award for you on my blog :)

  14. Gio, I find the colors are cute too! :)

    Anastacia, yes, Suzi and the lifeguard looks so girly! :)

    Sarah, thank you I'll head on to your blog now :)

  15. oh look at those cute little bottles, no wonder you don't have the heart to use them. I can understand.

  16. Lavender, yes, but I'll use it..tonight hahaha wish me luck, I hope I don't have a heart attack! hahaha


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